Addiction Rehab Treatment

Addiction Rehab Treatment

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The effects of addiction to drugs or alcohol ripple beyond the addicted person. Not only can it cause health complications and cost you your job, but it can also damage your relationships with loved ones. But even with the best intentions to quit using on your own, it may be next to impossible because substance abuse alters how your brain works.

Luckily, at New Spring Wellness Center, our addiction rehab treatment entails using NAD+IV therapy to help minimize cravings and the side effects of withdrawal. This helps you focus on achieving lasting recovery.

Our Unique Approach to Rehab Treatment for Addiction

Addiction to drugs or alcohol forces changes in your brain to accommodate the addictive substance, a process referred to as neuroadaptation. This leads to the deterioration and depletion of your brain’s neurotransmitters and consequently brain damage. So, the only way your brain can prevent mood swings, fight irritability, eliminate withdrawal symptoms, and get rid of cravings is to keep using the substance.

When you suddenly stop using alcohol or drugs, your brain goes back to its original state, altering the neuroadaptation balance. As a result, you experience uncomfortable, painful, and sometimes life-threatening side effects. Additionally, your body and brain begin craving for the feel-good sensation that comes with consuming the substance. Both cravings and withdrawals cause many people to go back to taking alcohol or drugs and make attaining sobriety quite challenging.

NAD+ IV Treatment

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+ is a key enzyme in energy production, neurotransmitter production, and function, as well as cell function. As such, NAD IV treatment helps in combating cravings and the side effects of withdrawal, enabling your body and mind to start the healing process. Before we begin our science-based addiction treatment programs, we first take into account your addiction and medical history. This enables us to develop a highly individualized treatment plan.

Our NAD IV for drug and alcohol abuse treatment takes 6-10 days for 8 hours daily. This treatment protocol can also be combined with bridge addiction treatment for optimal outcomes. NAD IV for addiction allows your brain to self-repair and restore function while increasing your energy levels. We offer treatment in our comfortable outpatient facility under the supervision and care of trained medical staff. And to make sure the treatment is as painless as possible, our medical professionals and registered nurses apply numbing spray prior to inserting the IV.

What to Expect from NAD Therapy

We provide the purest form of NAD compounds produced by a healthy body. What’s more, they are 100 percent nutrient-based. With this treatment approach, our clients have considerably reduced cravings and minimal side effects from withdrawal, speeding up their recovery process.

Regain Control of Your Life

With the right treatment, you can beat your substance use disorder and get your life back on track. That’s why for our addiction rehab treatment, we use NAD+ IV to aid your brain in functioning at peak performance. These vitamin IV drips reduce or eliminate cravings, assisting in preventing relapse. To find help for your addiction, request a free no-obligation consultation: https://newspringwellnesscenter.com/schedule-free-consultation/.

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