Anti-Aging Treatment With NAD+ IV Therapy

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NAD plays a huge factor in our ability to stay healthy. NAD occurs naturally in every cell of our bodies and is responsible for restoring energy, bringing clarity to our thoughts, improving brain function, and much more! As our bodies begin to age, our supply of NAD starts to deplete which starts the aging process. A great way to regain mental agility with more clarity and less fog is through our IV NAD+ Therapy in the mid-west! Read on to find out more about breakthrough brain restoration at New Spring Wellness Center!

How Does IV NAD+ Therapy Help With Anti-Aging? 

The simple act of aging and oxidative stress can deplete important nutrients and building blocks for a healthy brain. This leads to symptoms such as anxiety, emptiness, brain fog, physical pain, depression, lack of motivation and sleep difficulties. Our intravenous formula consists of unique combinations of a few select amino acids in a base of NAD that are specifically designed to assist the nervous system in repairing those receptors.

How Does the Treatment Work? 

NeuroRecover™ is administered as a daily intravenous solution for up to eight hours a day. This prolonged exposure to specific amino acids and NAD bathes the damaged nervous system in an abundance of repair materials. The brain is then able to rapidly employ these natural materials to speed healing and rebalance the brain. Once the body’s neuroreceptor functions have been balanced, patients notice increased mental clarity, sharpness and usually an enhanced sense of calm.

Is There Research Behind the Effectiveness?

These formulas are based on over 15 years of treatment of more than 3,000 patients by Dr. William M. Hitt in his addiction management clinic. Dr. Hitt found that after his patients were treated for their addiction they commonly reported increased mental wellbeing and function. Dr. Hitt then discovered that this improved mental clarity and calm could be achieved in patients that had no history of substance abuse. 

Ready to Have Better Mental Clarity and Sharpness? 

Whether you are a busy executive looking for a brain boost or you suffer from a Neurological Disorder, New Spring Wellness Center can help! Our intravenous infusions of NAD+ Therapy will leave your brain feeling recharged and improve your mental agility. For more information call us for a free consultation at 573-693-1977. 

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