Auriculotherapy for weight loss

Auriculotherapy for weight loss

Count on Top Auriculotherapy for Weight Loss

Auriculotherapy for weight loss

Obesity and overweight are health problems that affect a large number of Americans. Excess weight not only affects people from an aesthetic point of view but also brings with it several associated medical conditions. If not treated in time, being overweight can bring a person severe consequences.

If you are dealing with this condition, you are sure to find a variety of alternatives to lose weight. However, none of them is more effective than using a leading auriculotherapy for weight control. You must know everything about this method so that you can be convinced that it is your best alternative to achieve your ideal weight.

Top-5 FAQs About Auriculotherapy for Weight Loss

  1. What is Auriculotherapy for Weight Control?

This methodology is based on the principles of traditional Chinese acupuncture. Specific points on the auricle of the ear are stimulated, which produce a series of reactions and changes in the functioning of the body. With this focused stimulation, the person is helped to inhibit compulsive food intake. To achieve this controlled stimulation, magnets called ear seeds are used.

  1. How Do You Place Ear Seeds for Weight Loss?

To successfully apply auricular therapy, you must consult with medical specialists, such as those you will find at New Spring Wellness Center. The practitioner knows the specific locations on the ear where they will place the devices, securing them with adhesive tape (usually clear or skin-colored). These ear seeds are not permanent, they are usually worn until they fall out, or until the doctor replaces them at the next session.

  1. Does Auriculotherapy Work for Weight Loss?

There is a connection between the vagus nerve and specific points on the ear. This nerve is intimately linked to body systems such as the Parasympathetic Nervous System of the heart and digestive tract. The parasympathetic nervous system acts as a regulator of the functions of the digestive system. By applying the ear seed to the particular site, it stimulates this system by inhibiting it. This helps to stop cravings, compulsions, and panic attacks, which generate the urges and stress of uncontrolled eating.

  1. How Much Weight Can You Lose with Acupuncture or Auriculotherapy?

Weight loss treatment with this methodology depends largely on the patient’s goals. The medical specialist and the patient analyze the initial situation of the person and draw up a strategy for the application of the treatment. The more weight you wish to lose, the longer the treatment will last. Keep in mind that auricular therapy helps the person to inhibit the desire to eat, therefore the success of weight loss depends significantly on the patient radically changing their eating habits.

  1. Is the Treatment Expensive?

The total cost of auriculotherapy for weight control depends on the objectives, which determine the number of sessions. While there is a cost associated with this therapy, it is significantly less than the cost of medical treatments that a person would need if their overweight problems worsen.

Get The Finest Auriculotherapy and Lose Weight

If you want to enjoy the great benefits of auricular therapy to achieve your dream weight and regain your wellness, you are in the right place. New Spring Wellness Center is the reference in the region in the application of auriculotherapy for weight control, and we are ready to extend you our helping hand. Contact us and request a free, no-obligation consultation.

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