Auriculotherapy near me

Auriculotherapy near me

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Auriculotherapy is a kind of needleless acupuncture, but the focus is the auricle, which is part of the ear that we can all see. With Auriculotherapy, a microcurrent stimulator is placed on reflex points outside the ear. These reflex points send different messages to the brain depending on which reflex point is being pressurized. Today it has become an excellent treatment for a range of health challenges.

Side Effects and Risks

Auriculotherapy is a practical, low-risk treatment that works quickly for most people because it motivates the body's nervous system to treat whatever it is you are looking to treat. Some of the common side effects of auriculotherapy are dizziness, pain at the site of insertion, nausea, skin irritation, and minor bleeding. Some of the contraindications include pregnancy, epilepsy, hemophilia, and metal allergy.

Conditions that Benefit from Auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy can be used to treat a range of health conditions. Here are some of them.

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health

Auriculotherapy is now being used as a part of drug and alcohol treatment. A trained expert puts pressure on the proper pressure points, which promotes calm and aids withdrawal symptoms.


Auriculotherapy can help people with insomnia when seeds or magnetic beads are placed on acupressure points on the ear and gently massaged.

Smoking Cessation

People who struggle with smoking addiction can get some help with auriculotherapy as it is an effective means of facilitating smoking cessation.

Migraine Headaches

Auriculotherapy has been effectively used to treat migraines. Studies have revealed that sustained ear acupuncture treatments can lead to significant improvements in pain and mood for people struggling with migraines.

Acute or Post-Surgery Pain

Auriculotherapy puncture has long been used for the treatment of different types of pain. It is more vital than most pain relievers. That is why it is being used to manage post-operative pain, especially the first 48 hours.



Auriculotherapy is known to aid the treatment of constipation once the right reflex points are pressured.


Auriculotherapy via needles, electrical stimulation, or pressure has been known to aid weight loss. All that is required is for a professional to pressure the ear puncture points for weight loss. This is done using ear acupuncture or ear seeds for weight loss.Owing to its success in recent times, auricular acupuncture weight loss has become something of a trend in weight loss circles.


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Auriculotherapy near me

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