Billings NAD Treatment

Billings NAD Treatment

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Advancements in science, medicine, and nutrition have led to better treatment outcomes and guided the discovery of many wellness programs. Among the more recent ones is NAD therapy. NAD IV is already in use in many drugs and alcohol abuse treatment centers, helping with recovery and promoting general well-being.

Why NAD?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a molecule involved in metabolism and is found in all living organisms. NAD+ is the active oxidized form of the molecule and, when reduced, becomes NADH. Though its primary role is in metabolism through electron transfer, it is also involved in DNA repair and neurotransmission.

The body requires a consistent supply of NAD to maintain optimal function. NAD levels are lowered by aging, addiction, and poor nutritional choices, most notably those leading to obesity. Symptoms experienced because of reduced NAD availability include fatigue or lethargy, poor cognitive performance, low moods, depression, stress, and for addicts, an inability to overcome their addictions.

NAD Therapy

NAD therapy aims at replenishing the body's levels of NAD. It is given intravenously, which delivers NAD straight to your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach, preventing its breakdown and subsequent reduction in its availability. NAD IV for addiction in Armour Hills is being explored as a complementary therapy in addition to other mainstays such as cognitive-behavioral therapies. It has been shown to make detoxing easier and aids in quicker recovery from addiction.

NAD for Wellness and Addiction

NAD is gaining popularity as a wellness treatment and complementary therapy for bridge addiction treatment in Armour Hills. It follows the postulation that flooding the body with NAD will correct many of the symptoms associated with reduced levels. Those who opt for the therapy aim to improve their memory and concentration, combat depression, increase mental clarity, treat chronic fatigue, increase their overall energy levels, and prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.


NAD is given intravenously by a medical professional who supervises the whole process. It is infused slowly over a couple of hours as moderation is the only way for the absorption to be effective. During this time, you can sleep, work, or pass the time online as WIFI and working desks and a bed are often provided in the centers. Various factors determine the session frequency, including your health history and overall system health. Four days is the minimum though science-based addiction treatment programs using NAD therapy recommend ten to fourteen days. Substance dependence depletes NAD more readily, and a lengthier time is required as the patient undergoes detoxification.


At the end of your NAD therapy, these are some of the outcomes to expect.

  • Better brain function is characterized by better memory, mental clarity, better concentration, and more effortless decision-making.
  • Reduced fatigue for those diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Though the therapy assists in replenishing energy levels, it does not replace the rest and antidepressants as they form part of the management protocols.
  • Slower aging through reduced inflammation and boosted DNA repair. Effects such as better blood sugar and blood pressure readings, and better weight management are used as indicators.

Boosts in athletic performance, mood, and overall energy levels are also reported. It is combined with vitamin IV drips to aid in addiction recovery, especially in the detox phase.

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Billings NAD Treatment

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