Bois DArc NAD Treatment

Bois DArc NAD Treatment

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When drug abusers stop taking alcohol altogether, it can cause severe consequences to their physical and psychological state. NAD IV treatment for Alcoholism offers a safe alcohol addiction and detox treatment for chronic users of alcohol. Through natural brain restoration, Vitamin IV drips for Alcoholism will drastically decrease the craving and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol dependency.

Naturally, the brain does not have the reparative materials to address or fix the damage. Withdrawal from alcohol consumption can lead to symptoms such as brain fog, physical pain, anxiety, irritability, pain, ache, depression, insomnia, and more. 

What are NAD and NAD+ therapy?

NAD is the abbreviation for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, an enzyme produced naturally within the human body to aid cells in producing energy. 

NAD therapy is the introduction of additional NAD into the body to increase its levels in an individual. Drugs and alcohol abuse reduces the levels of NAD to unacceptable levels.

People who produce low levels of NAD are prone to addiction. If the levels of NAD fall below the optimum level, an individual will have difficulty converting the food into energy. Hence the need for NAD therapy.

How NAD IV for addiction work

Excessive use of opioids and opiates depletes the natural levels of NAD in the body. Thus, the body has deprived of the energy it would receive when cells break down food. NAD+ Iv infusion remedies the situation by fast-tracking the process, flooding the brain with NAD, a co-enzyme that delivers energy to the brain.

An IV is attached to the patient through which NAD is fed slowly. This allows the chemical to enter the bloodstream directly without going through the stomach. The NAD gets to your brain without breaking down on the way. 

When the NAD arrives in the brain, it releases high energy levels, causing the patient to experience improved mood. 

NAD flushes out from the patients' system any drugs remaining and reduces the effects of withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms may become uncomfortable, forcing the patient to relapse. NAD provides a pleasant relief for patients looking for a simple way to maintain their recovery from addiction.

The ability of NAD to reduce discomfort from drug and alcohol abuse treatment makes the challenges of physical and mental recovery less stressful. It also avoids the crash that comes with withdrawal from drugs and substance abuse by allowing the body to heal naturally. 

Benefits of using NAD+ IV therapy 

NAD therapy restores brain health. It provides three essential effects.

  • It flushes out the entire drug in the patients' system and reduces withdrawal symptoms.
  • Restitution of brain damage because of opioids dependence
  • No medication for addiction reducing the risks of side effects. 

NAD treatment Bois D'Arc

At Bois D'Arc MO alcohol treatment center, we also use Science-based addiction treatment programs such as Bridge addiction treatment. The device stimulates the nerves and is effective for reducing symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal. It sends gentle electrical impulses that aid in reducing the symptoms of withdrawing from opioids in as few as ten minutes. 

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Bois DArc NAD Treatment

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