Bridge Opioid Withdrawal Treatment

Are you worried about opioid withdrawal? BRIDGE can help. It is a temporary, non-surgical and non-narcotic device applied in an outpatient procedure. The BRIDGE is a safe and effective aid to reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms.

BRIDGE has become a new standard of care for opioid withdrawal.

How Does Bridge Non-Surgical Opioid Withdrawal Work?

The NSS-2 BRIDGE is a percutaneous nerve field stimulator (PNFS) device system, that can be used as an aid to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal, through application to branches of Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX, and X, as well as branches of the occipital nerves identified by transillumination.

Start Your Recovery Without Fear of Withdrawal

Let our caring team at New Spring Wellness Center help you get through opioid withdrawal with BRIDGE. Reach out today so you can get opiates out of your system without side effects.