Brighton NAD Treatment

Brighton NAD Treatment

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There are many ongoing studies into the science of addiction. Though much is known so far, the difficulty of dissociating with a substance is significant enough to warrant more research on addiction. With the discoveries made so far, however, we can treat drug and alcohol use disorders with some degree of success. Brighton has a good number of treatment centers that tackle substance dependencies and other addictions. NAD IV therapy is emerging as one of the newer, trendier treatment therapies adopted by treatment facilities and other assorted wellness centers.

What is NAD IV Therapy 

NAD is a coenzyme found in the cells of all living organisms. It plays diverse roles in metabolism, redox reactions, cell signaling, energy production, DNA repair, and cell survival. As a result of these various roles, studies conducted have shown that supporting the levels of NAD in the body leads to desirable outcomes. Furthermore, this supplementation is recommended following events that lead to the depletion of NAD reserves in the body, such as post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, poor dietary habits, aging, and alcohol and drug abuse. This last reason is what inspires science-based addiction treatment programs in Brighton to use NAD therapy.

Together with Vitamin IV drips, NAD therapy flushes out drugs in a user's system, minimizes withdrawal effects, reduces cravings for alcohol and opioids, and restores the body's energy levels. It is administered as an infusion, so there is no delay in absorption, leading to immediate effects. These include better mental clarity, better cognitive performance, reduction in inflammation, and boosted metabolism.


NAD IV for addiction Brighton starts at the detox phase. At this first stage of recovery, most body systems are functioning at their lowest levels. Flushing out drugs and their by-products from the body takes more toll on them. An IV infusion of NAD delivers energy to your bloodstream, which reaches your brain and body cells. The net result is a mood elevation and slow lifting of the brain fog caused by substance dependence. The drip is given over a couple of hours and routinely during the first ten days of supervised detox. It helps restore the natural levels of NAD, which increases the chances of successful rehabilitation.

On average, the NAD IV detox for alcohol use disorder continues for two weeks, but it can be as few as ten days if positive results are experienced faster. The therapy can be used for opioid detox as well. It has been shown that NAD interacts with opioid receptors in the brain, impacting its biochemistry. The result is an accelerated detachment from the substances and improvements in mood and energy.

IS NAD Therapy Detox for you?

Many Brighton MO drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs adopt NAD therapy as it shows a lot of promise. Together with Bridge addiction treatment, these emerging options are being used for those struggling with addiction. They are ideal because, unlike pharmacotherapeutic regimes, they are entirely natural.

NAD therapy facilitates easier recovery from withdrawal symptoms preventing any thoughts of relapse. This is reinforced by the suppression of cravings leading to better treatment outcomes overall.

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Brighton NAD Treatment

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