Brnad Treatment

Brnad Treatment

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The stats about mental illness in the USA are alarming. About 51.5 million people of USA adults suffered from mental illness. To come up with better and more effective solutions NAD therapy promises great boons to address such grave issues. Keep on reading to have an in-depth overview of BR+NAD treatment and how it works:

What is NAD?

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is found in the human body as a coenzyme of niacin that assists the cells to produce energy specifically in the brain and also aids several cellular processes. NAD molecules can have a significant impact on a person's overall well-being. From fueling the cells with energy to cell signaling, neurotransmission, and DNA repair it can serve great purposes in the body.

Research on NAD

Arthur Harden and William John Young discovered NAD in 1906 but the true potential was understood by the scientists in the 1940s. Current studies suggest that NAD deficiency can cause severe metabolic and preventative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, obesity, Type II diabetes, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

According to research, IV NAD is the most useful and potent to provide detoxification from alcohol, tranquilizers, stimulants, and even opiates.

BR+NAD Treatment:

Brain Restoration Plus NAD is a revolutionary formula produced to help the brain recover from the damage to the neurotransmitters of the brain caused by acute or chronic stress, depression, substance abuse, and other such brain-damaging conditions.

This natural detox and nutrient-based treatment cure the condition without making a person addict to other substances. It naturally rejuvenates the supply of neurotransmitters, improves cognitive functions, and provides the brain with components that it needs to overcome addictions and other mental disorders.

BR+ NAD Treatment at New Spring Wellness Center:

The NAD needs to be administered properly to sustain the level of chemicals in the body. The New Spring Wellness Center in Osage Beach, MO provides the finest BR+NAD treatment. Our NAD IV for addiction treatment is incorporated with psychological and spiritual counseling, 12 step programs, and various therapies to help the patient stay on the path of recovery and live a healthier life.

Our customized Science-based addiction treatment programs consist of regulated vitamin B3 and a combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. We can help you restore your brain and body functions with the minimized symptoms.

BR+ NAD Treatment V/S Traditional Detox and Rehab programs:

This treatment is considered a life-changing one due to its unique approach and extraordinary benefits. Reasons, why it is better than the conventional method, include:

  • The detoxifying procedure is safe and does not include the use of any other addiction to overcome the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Provides a comprehensive rehabilitation of the brain including clarity, optimism, memory, concentration, and much more.
  • Can control cravings only from the second or third day of the treatment.

Choose the Best!

Our Spring Wellness Center offers extensive Drug and alcohol abuse treatment. Our BR+ NAD is a holistic approach with edge-cutting technology to provide for all your needs during your recovery journey.

Choose from our extensive fully administered programs of NAD IV for addiction treatment and wellness, Vitamin IV drips, hyperbaric chamber, auriculotherapy, Bridge addiction treatment for opioid withdrawal or contact us and request a free, no-obligation consultation at https://newspringwellnesscenter.com/schedule-free-consultation/


Brnad Treatment

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