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NAD infusions are a natural way to detoxify from substances while offering relief from other psychiatric and medical illnesses. NAD is an acronym for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, a coenzyme that helps in energy production and metabolic functions. For the brain to function well, the neurotransmitter levels must be maintained, and the DNA and the cell repair. As we continue to age and deal with illnesses and stress, the NAD levels reduce. Engaging in behaviors like alcohol and drug abuse also alters the NAD. Here are some things to know about NAD IV for addiction in Chesterfield.

NAD Therapy

NAD IV therapy is a treatment that uses the coenzyme found in living cells. In Chesterfield, MO, science-based addiction treatment programs achieve optimum health of the cells and the entire body by turning to NAD IV therapy. It is a bio-hack created to keep the organs functioning well and prevent sickness. The therapy helps increase athletic performance and mental capabilities. Additionally, it slows the aging process and creates resistance to bridge addiction treatment in Chesterfield. Molecularly, it works with the DNA to ensure that every cell is packed with energy.

Benefits of NAD

As we have already established, NAD is a vital substance that the body's cells require to be healthy. When the levels are low, the mental abilities slow down, the aging process speeds up, and your health begins to decline. Conversely, through vitamin IV drips, the health of the cells improves, causing the aging process to slow down while the neurological and general health increases.

NAD is naturally manufactured in the body, but if you do not get proper nutrients from the food you eat, the levels can lower. When you grow old, there is less NAD circulating in your body; therefore, you start straining to do basic things. You may start eating more vitamins or taking supplements; however, it may not work as quickly as a NAD IV would.

Improve Neurological Function

For the brain to be at its level best, it needs lots of oxygen and simple sugars. The brain is smaller than the rest of the body but uses almost 20 percent of the total oxygen supply.NAD is vital for the energy production that powers the brain. When the NAD levels are low, the oxygen needs are not met, and brain function declines. Through NAD IV, You can increase focus, protect the brain from neurodegenerative disorders while increasing mental clarity.

Restoration of Muscle function

The blood flow is enhanced, and the cellular energy levels rise when NAD levels increase in the body, which increases strength, athletic prowess, and coordination. So whether you are doing NAD treatments to prevent aging or an athlete looking to increase your muscle strength, NAD will help you. As your energy levels increase, the DNA in muscle tissues is repaired.

Improve liver functions

After the brain, the liver is a vital part of the body that utilizes lots of oxygen. The liver is very sensitive, and the minute the levels of NAD decline, the body starts to malfunction. The therapy is common in drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities since it minimizes cravings.

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