Does Nad Treatment Work

Does Nad Treatment Work

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Substance abuse has become a rising issue in recent years, especially among the youth. While drug use seems tempting in the beginning it very quickly turns into something so much uglier. Problems such as addiction and alcoholism do not only affect the person dealing with these issues but also become a great cause of trouble for those related to the said person. If you are on the lookout for the right treatment facility for yourself or a loved one, worry no more as you have stumbled upon just the right place. We at New Spring Wellness Center understand your struggle and are well equipped to help you out in any way possible. Amongst many other forms of science-based addiction treatment programs, bridge addiction treatment, and drug and alcohol abuse treatment, we also offer the NAD IV for addiction which is especially popular amongst our clients.

What NAD IV does?

Many people turn to substance abuse in the events of a life crisis and unstable mental health conditions such as depression, stress, and trauma while thinking that it would aid their current problems. Instead, addiction and drug use work to worsen these pre-existing conditions so much so that this becomes a cycle and unstable mental health and addiction problems work hand in hand with one another. NAD IV treatment involves the infusion of a high dosage of IV right into the bloodstream which results in much better absorption by the body cells. The IV works to repair the worn-out cells of the body, especially within the nervous system which improves the entire functioning of the body as a whole. Moreover, NAD+ assists in increasing the overall energy production by the cells as well as reconstruction of the DNA. With this, the IV helps to control and manage the damage caused by unstable mental health conditions and helps the nervous system to return to its normal functionality leading to much healthier mental health and an overall healthy body.

The Composotion of our NAD IV:

Tending to addiction problems with other drugs can lead to the person developing a dependence on the new drug but we make use of Vitamin IV drips which means that they are entirely free of drugs and compose primarily of nutrients. Hence, it is safe to say that the treatment is completely natural with no possible side effects.

Client Testimonials:

We truly believe that the best treatment is one that is solely based on natural elements and treats your body from the within. We keep our client’s comfort and satisfaction as our prime responsibility and hence make sure we tend to each of our customers in the best way possible to make sure all their needs are taken care of. Many of our clients have had a remarkable experience with our NAD treatments and achieved incredibly positive results which can be reflected in their testimonials very clearly.

Highly Professional Staff:

Not only do we provide a list of services, but we are also equipped with some of the best staff members who are incredibly friendly and highly skilled in their respective fields. All of our staff is compassionate and understand the struggles of addiction as well as therapy and therefore try to make the whole process easier for you. So wait no more, and reach out to us as soon as possible on the contact details provided below.


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Does Nad Treatment Work

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