Fairway NAD Treatment

Fairway NAD Treatment

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NAD naturally occurs in our body as a coenzyme. It has a positive effect on mental and physical functions. NAD also plays a critical role in many systems throughout our bodies, including encouraging healthy growth of cells, maintaining muscle function and tone, reversing damage to the mitochondria, and counteracting tissue damage. In addition, NAD repairs your DNA, slowing down aging.

The two primary roles of NAD in the body involve helping the protein enzymes to regulate cellular functions and turning nutrients into energy. Therefore, NAD treatment aims at maintaining satisfactory levels of coenzymes that sustain the body's health at the cellular level.

Pros of NAD therapy

Because of its involvement in various body processes, NAD therapy can result in many benefits.

Aid in drug and alcohol abuse treatment

Addiction affects the way communication occurs to and from the brain. Withdrawing from the same can cause craving and withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms result in relapse cases among addicts in recovery.

NAD IV for addiction in Fairway will not cure your addiction but help the recovery process by easing withdrawal symptoms. Tolerance during the withdrawal period makes transitioning into sobriety easy. In addition, science-based addiction treatment programs in Fairway MO, such as NAD IV for addiction and bridge addiction treatment in Fairway, are natural alternatives to medications that pose risks of side effects. NAD therapy also works well with psychotherapy or counseling.

Reduce pain

Sirtuins are proteins that play a critical role in regulating antioxidant expression and inflammatory response in the body. NAD is required for Sirtuins to function correctly. Therefore, NAD therapy fuels pain reduction.

Boost energy

Adenosine triphosphate is the source of energy for body cells. ATP fuels body functions, including replication of DNA, cellular respiration, and muscle contraction. NAD aids in the production of ATP used to boost energy levels and reduce feelings of tiredness. NAD IV therapy and vitamin IV drips are ideal for treating chronic fatigue syndrome.


NAD controls the aging process by regulating metabolic and circadian cycles. It also acts as a new protein regulator. 

NAD protects the integrity of DNA, which is damaged over time through wear and tear, damaging effects of free radical and duplication errors. NAD therapy for anti-aging reverse aging reduces fatigue, restores muscle function, improves appearance, boosts metabolism, boosts energy levels, and prevents and corrects DNA damage.

Improve cognitive function

Sirtuins also can improve to slow cognitive decline and improve cells' resistance to stress. NAD IV therapy aids Sirtuins in boosting memory, improving mood, mental clarity, and concentration, increase the ability to focus, facilitate brain regeneration, reduce symptoms of depression, and promote neurological function.

Side effects of NAR therapy

NAD used in an appropriate dosage for 12 weeks is safe. Thousands of people who have used the therapy have had no known adverse reactions or effects. However, during the infusion, you may feel some stomach discomfort or temporary nausea.

NAD therapy helps to restore energy at the cellular level. You may experience increased energy, improved metabolic function, mental clarity, brain function, and mood after an infusion.

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Fairway NAD Treatment

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