Fremont Hills NAD Treatment

Fremont Hills NAD Treatment

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Supplements that increase nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD are becoming a matter of public interest. Currently, there is a trendy way to maximize the level of the coenzyme in your body through intravenous NAD+therapy. The treatment is cropping up in major areas and wellness centers, making it easy to access drug and alcohol abuse treatment and vitamin and nutrients infusion. We take a deeper look at the treatment and share our findings.

IV NAD therapy

NAD is administered intravenously in a saline solution. The coenzyme is found in body cells and has various functions such as energy production in the mitochondria, cell survival, DNA repair, and metabolism. Research points out that it is beneficial for people with depleted NAD levels. Unfortunately, NAD levels deplete through aging, oxidative stress, unhealthy eating habits, drug and substance abuse, and mental disorders.

NAD levels can be increased through oral supplements. Niacin, nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide are effective in increasing the natural NAD levels. Regular exercise and calorie-restrictive diets also increase NAD levels.

How safe is IV NAD+ therapy?

IV treatments come with minimal risks of infection and bleeding at the site where the needle is inserted or when excess fluid gets infused. As common as IV infusions are, they are still medical procedures. The second concern is where you are accessing the treatment from. It does not matter the IV therapy you are getting, but you feel safer when you know where the vitamin IV drips are sourced and compounded. Third, the facility you go with should customize the infusion treatment. We are not meant to feel like you are selecting items from a menu. The practitioner should have studied your symptoms, lab work, and objectives and created a plan based on your needs.

When done under the supervision of diligent health care practitioners, there are no major safety concerns. Some patients may be sensitive to the therapy and may experience discomfort, including nausea and warm sensations in the chest. NAD+ should not be infused too quickly; otherwise, it will feel uncomfortable. Some patients have admitted that they felt like they were having signs of a heart attack, but there is no evidence of the same when the heart is monitored. Breathing a high concentration of oxygen while the infusion continues reduces the side effects.

Beneficiaries of IV NAD+ therapy

The treatment is prevalent in many medical facilities because it has changed traditional medical therapies. For example, aging in the past was treated differently, and now it is being treated at the cellular level. Cellular regeneration shows that the healthy the cells are, the healthy the rest of the body is. Other ideal targets are addicts who access NAD IV for addiction in Fremont Hills rehab centers. It has been known to bridge addiction treatment in Fremont Hills, help addicts curb cravings, and mitigate withdrawal symptoms while receiving other forms of treatment. People with lowered levels of natural NAD and mitochondrial functions are also beneficiaries of these treatments.

All in all, as the science-based addiction treatment programs in Fremont Hill, MO, field advances and we watch what further research brings, it is important to ensure that you only seek IV NAD+ therapy from reputable medical practitioners.

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Fremont Hills NAD Treatment

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