Glencoe NAD Treatment

Glencoe NAD Treatment

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New Spring Wellness Center offers unsurpassed Glencoe NAD treatment in a state-of-the-art facility. With several positive reviews and next-generation technology, we offer the best NAD regenerative therapy available today.

Why use NAD Therapy to treat addiction?

Excessive drug use and alcoholism can deplete the body’s natural reserves of NAD. A low NAD level prevents the brain from receiving the same amount of energy that it would receive from breaking down food. NAD Therapy works by flooding the brain with the co-enzyme, which replenishes its stores and flushes out all of the drugs/alcohol in the user’s system.

Furthermore, NAD therapy can reduce the withdrawal effects and curb alcohol and drug cravings. Our NAD IV for addiction in Glendale lessens the pain of withdrawal and empowers the body with the right tools to produce more energy. The length of your treatment session can vary depending upon the your addiction's severity. After the first sessions, you may need to follow up a couple of weeks later.

What to expect during an NAD+ Infusion:

NAD+ therapy offers energy to the cells and accelerates the cellular repair mechanisms. Patients derive all the benefits of IV therapy as it directly enters the bloodstream, which gets delivered to your cells. NAD+ infusion can take anywhere from 15- 90 minutes, and the frequency of treatments can vary depending upon your wellness goals.

For those undergoing NAD+ therapy as a part of drug and alcohol abuse treatment, a daily dose of 1000-1500 mg for 10-12 consecutive days can minimize the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Daily doses of NAD+ help replenish the body and may help you overcome fatigue. To maintain general health and overall wellness, you may not need more than one dose of NAD+ per month.

How is NAD therapy used?

During NAD Therapy, a doctor or a licensed nurse will place the co-enzyme in an IV and inject it into your bloodstream. NAD IV infusion will allow the enzyme to enter the bloodstream and travel directly to the brain, improving energy levels, mood, and awareness instantly. 

Since NAD+ provides the body with energy from natural sources, it is 100% safe and free from side effects. NAD therapy helps slow the aging process and improves cognitive function. NAD+ acts as the best bridge addiction treatment in Glendale, MO, because patients can receive a “top off” once every six weeks and overcome substance abuse safely and sustainably. 

What happens when NAD levels are low in the body?

Several studies conclude that reduced NAD+ levels can lead to obesity, aging, poor metabolism, insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other age-related ailments. Conditions like high blood pressure can lead to several other health consequences like heart function decline, cognitive impairment, etc.

One of our highly sought-after science-based addiction treatment programs in Glencoe, Missouri, is NAD+, which helps protect against metabolic and other age-related diseases. Our Vitamin IV drips prevent the decline of NAD+ and help our clients combat metabolism disorders that occur with age.

Get in touch with us at 573-693-1977 to schedule an appointment for our Glencoe NAD treatment. New Spring Wellness Center is a top-rated wellness clinic for NAD therapy, vitamin IV drip, hyperbaric chamber, auriculotherapy, and substance abuse treatment. 

Glencoe NAD Treatment

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