Glendale NAD Treatment

Glendale NAD Treatment

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New Spring Wellness Center is a highly sought-after clinic offering the best Glendale NAD treatment. We create a personalized NAD treatment plan after a thorough assessment of each patient's health status, needs, and goals.

What is NAD therapy?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD therapy is a coenzyme or helper molecule that supports the body to carry out several biological processes. NAD is responsible for converting food into energy, repairing damaged DNA, fortifying cells' defense systems, and setting your body's circadian rhythm. However, the NAD+ levels in your body can decrease with age and lead to health issues like chronic illnesses, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, loss of vision, aging, etc.

Numerous animal studies state that increase NAD+ levels can help reverse some of the signs of aging, lower the risk for many chronic diseases, and improve quality of life. We offer the best vitamin IV drips and NAD IV for addiction in Glencoe, MO, with a skilled team of clinicians.

Benefits of NAD therapy

Several animal studies conclude that NAD+ therapy may offer an array of health benefits. Some of the benefits of NAD+ include:

  1. Easily converted into NAD+

Nicotinamide riboside therapy raises blood NAD+ levels by up to 2.7 times, ready for use by the body.

  1. Activates enzymes that promote healthy aging

Nicotinamide riboside increases NAD+ levels in your body and activates certain enzymes. A group of enzymes called sirtuins helps repair damaged DNA, boosts stress resistance, reduces inflammation, and promotes healthy aging.

  1. Helps protect brain cells

NAD+ controls the production of a protein called PGC-1-alpha that protects cells against oxidative stress and impaired mitochondrial function, which prevents your risk for age-related brain disorders.

NAD + therapy is also used in drug and alcohol abuse treatment to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We are a leading wellness clinic in Glendale with excellent science-based addiction treatment programs in Glencoe, MO.

Risks and side effects of NAD therapy

NAD+ is generally safe, and there have been very few cases of reported side effects. Taking a dosage of 1,000–2,000 mg per day is completely safe and cannot lead to any meaningful side effects. Some patients experience mild nausea, fatigue, headache, diarrhea, and indigestion after a NAD therapy session. However, these symptoms should resolve within a couple of hours without medical intervention.

NAD Infusion is just like any other IV drip infusion and can cause a bit of discomfort. A licensed nurse or doctor will administer the IV and monitor you throughout the process. As a leading clinic for Bridge addiction treatment in Glencoe, Missouri, we provide NAD therapy intravenously as slowly as possible to ensure minimal pain, discomfort, and side effects.

Is NAD treatment right for you?

NAD treatment offers a whole array of benefits, from improving quality of life to alleviating symptoms of several chronic conditions. However, it may not be for everyone. NAD therapy is only ideal for you if your goal is to:

  1. Recover from alcohol addiction or substance abuse conditions
  2. Improve cognitive function
  3. Restore neurological function
  4. Lead a pain-free and healthier life
  5. Complement weight loss efforts
  6. Overcome fatigue

Call us at 573-693-1977 to schedule an appointment for NAD therapy with New Spring Wellness Center. Our tailored approach and personalized care make us the #1 Glendale NAD treatment facility. Call us now to learn the benefits of NAD therapy.

Glendale NAD Treatment

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