Grover NAD Treatment

Grover NAD Treatment

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New Spring Wellness Center is a premier Grover NAD Treatment facility with innovative treatments and advanced technology. Our team of passionate and friendly staff conducts a thorough assessment of each of our clients before administering NAD therapy.

How does NAD therapy work?

Several studies state that the coenzyme NAD can help slow down the aging process, improve mental clarity, restore neurological functions, and improve overall health and wellness. NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a coenzyme naturally present in the cell. NAD is primarily responsible for oxidation-reduction reactions in the body and converts food into energy, ensuring that your body function efficiently and to its fullest potential.

NAD is also responsible for regulating the circadian and metabolic rhythm, maintaining DNA integrity, and ensuring a quality control mechanism for new proteins. While the body naturally produces NAD, these levels can decrease over time. A low NAD level can cause cellular changes, resulting in age-related pathologies, DNA damage, and cell changes and mutations. Increasing the NAD levels in the body through NAD+ therapy can counteract many of these reactions and preserve DNA integrity for a prolonged period. As a pioneer clinic for drug and alcohol abuse treatment, we administer highly effective vitamin IV drips in a state-of-the-art facility.

What is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)?

NAD+ is a coenzyme naturally present in all living cells. NAD+ plays an integral role in energy metabolism and maintaining proper cell functioning. It acts as a fuel and stimulates the functioning of mitochondria in cells. Mitochondria, or the power plant of the human cell, turns food and oxygen into energy. Ranked as the #1 clinic for Bridge addiction treatment in Grover, Missouri, we offer customized NAD+ therapy to help patients overcome withdrawal symptoms in a safe and pain-free manner. 

However, NAD+ levels can decline as we age and lead to several age-related health ailments. NAD+ IV infusion can replenish the levels of NAD+ and boost overall health and wellness. We are one of the leading clinics to offer NAD IV for addiction in Grover at budget-friendly prices.

Benefits of maintaining healthy NAD+ levels

Appropriate levels of NAD+ can promote the body's response to stress and allow it to modulate cellular activity better. Healthy NAD+ levels are critical for continued wellness and strength, improved memory, and a longer life span. NAD+ therapy activates the proteins called sirtuins, which optimize cell metabolism and promote longevity. NAD+ is also vital for DNA repair, slowing down age-related memory loss, and enhancing memory.

NAD+ also supports metabolism and weight maintenance, regardless of your diet. Animal studies state that with NAD+ therapy, individuals are 60% less likely to gain weight even when consuming a high-fat diet. NAD+ therapy leads to improved energy levels, increased activation of the sirtuins, and better oxidative metabolism. Of all our science-based addiction treatment programs in Grover, MO, NAD+ is highly sought-after for the array of health benefits it offers.

Get in touch with us today at 573-693-1977 to schedule an appointment. New Spring Wellness Center offers the best Grover NAD treatment in a fully-equipped treatment facility with state of amenities and next-generation technology. 

Grover NAD Treatment

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