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Experience safe alcohol addiction rehab treatment from severe or chronic alcohol abuse with NAD IV Treatment for Alcohol Addiction. NAD IV Therapy for Alcohol Addiction drastically reduces the cravings and withdrawal symptoms from alcoholism or alcohol abuse and dependency through natural brain restoration.

New Spring Wellness Center will bring you quick and convenient hangover relief.
Our hangover IV treatment will alleviate even the toughest of hangovers. It has the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and necessary fluids your body needs to get you feeling your best.

The mobile hangover IV drip is the most helpful and timely way to restore your body after a night of drinking. The replenishment of the IV drip will alleviate uncomfortable hangover symptoms in no time. Before you know it, one of our Registered Nurses or medical professionals will be by your side in the comfort of your own home to administer the hangover IV therapy infusion.


NAD+ extremely diminishes the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of addiction detox through Brain Restoration.

Treatment time: 6-10 days | 8 hours a days

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Best Rated Hangover IV Drip Near Me

Best Rated Hangover IV Drip Near Me

Does an IV Drip Cure a Hangover?

Our vitamin and antioxidant rich hangover IV drip at home will leave you rehydrated, replenished and ready to have a productive day all without leaving your couch.

No more wasting time and waiting hours to start feeling better. Our mobile hangover IV drip therapy targets the worst of the worst hangover symptoms through delivering treatment directly into your bloodstream bypassing your stomach for the fastest absorption in the convenience of the comfort of your own home.

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Linda B

So many healthful options here. I trust Dr Bernabe and Chad & Katie and know they are using quality products. You couldn’t ask for a more caring atmosphere!

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The staff is the most kind, compassionate, caring group of people. I highly recommend.

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My husband and I have been here a several times. Today I called and they worked us in when I said my son was battling the stomach flu. He was very impressed with the nurse and owners! Wonderful people !!! Wonderful facility!!!

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First time in and I’m going back SOON!! Staff was great! I left feeling rejuvenated yet relaxed and ready to face the week!! Highly recommend!!

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What a wonderful place to start healthy living. The nicest people ❤

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I went in for a “booster” after my nicotine treatment. I had been feeling very anxious and irritated. After my booster, I felt so calm and relaxed. It was just what I needed to commit to my goal. Great place!

How Does the Hangover IV Work?

Hangover IV drip therapy feeds your body everything it needs directly into your bloodstream to quickly restore hydration while revitalizing and repairing your body’s cells and within the neurons in your brain. The treatment is packed full of optimal fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is found in all the body’s cells and is essential to living. The hangover IV treatment hydrates better than water by entering the bloodstream and bypassing your stomach which is a huge bonus if your stomach is upset from last night’s alcohol.

Hangover IV therapy also includes Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B12. Adding these natural components back into your body will not only bring your levels back where they need to be but will help clear up your foggy mind while giving you your energy back.

How does hangover IV work?

Feeling bloated from your night of drinking?

New Spring Wellness Center’s hangover IV drip contains what some say are magical powers. These powers are actually the natural restoration of Glutathione which is an anti-inflammatory so that uncomfortable bloating feeling will be gone in no time. You will get back to feeling your best self while decreasing the duration of your hangover in addition to treating aches, pains and headaches.

Upset stomach or vomiting?

The night may have gotten away from you and one too many alcoholic beverages may leave you feeling sick the next morning. Alcohol is known for irritating and inflaming your stomach which is a large factor as to why you feel so sick. With the aid of our hangover IV treatment your upset stomach and vomiting will end quickly and you will be feeling better in no time.

The hangover IV treatments defeat even the worst of hangovers. Your body is hard at work breaking down the toxins from last night’s alcohol. Don’t struggle to feel better, mobile hangover IV drips will quickly bring you relief in your own home.

Combating hangovers can be time consuming, aggravating and expensive. Save your time, frustration and money to treat your hangover symptoms with the mobile hangover IV drip.

What is NAD

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Contact us or call us at 573-693-1977 for information regarding NAD Therapy


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