January Promotions to Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions at New Spring Wellness Center!

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As the new year starts it’s time for self-reflection and to make those New Year’s Resolutions! Have you thought about how you plan to better yourself in 2019? At New Spring Wellness Center, we want to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and that’s why we are doing a couple of special promotions to kickstart your New Year’s Resolutions! New Spring Wellness Center specializes in intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy. IV vitamin therapy is a method of delivering vitamins, minerals, and other substances directly into the bloodstream to counteract symptoms caused by aging, ailments, and dehydration. Learn about our special January promotions below!

25% Off Wellness Boost IVs

During the month of January, we are offering 25% off our Wellness Boost IVs! Our IV Vitamin Drips take less than an hour and are designed to boost your overall health. This is a brand new service at the Lake of the Ozarks, and if you have been thinking about making an appointment with us, be sure to make your appointment in January to take advantage of our promotion. Our Express Vitamin Drip Menu includes:

Myers’ Cocktail “The Classic Vitamin Cocktail”
Myers’ Cocktail “The Classic Vitamin Cocktail”
Hydro Boost – “The Basic”
Migraine Relief
Athletic Boost For Performance & Recovery
Hi C
Immunity Boost
Glutathione Infusion
For more information about our IV Vitamin Drips in Missouri, visit our website or feel free to give us a call at 573-693-1977. 

Breakthrough NAD+ IV Therapy 

In addition to our Wellness Boosts, we have an amazing deal on our breakthrough NAD IV Therapy for the month of January! This treatment is perfect for hardworking executives who need their mental clarity to be optimized! Or for those experiencing symptoms of anxiety PTSD, neurological disorders, addictions and MORE. To get details on our special January pricing for our NAD+ Therapy in the Mid-West, set up your FREE consultation! Call for an appointment at 573-693-1977.

Testimonial for New Spring Wellness Center 

If you’re thinking to yourself, there has to be a catch and I’m not sure this treatment will be beneficial for me, read a recent testimonial we received from one of our clients! 

Finally, I’m sticking to my plan for healthy eating! I’ve tried so many times to be determined enough to follow through with a plan. But each night or after about three good days, I’d give into a late night snack or drink and that would cause me to never get anywhere. When I heard about the NAD IV treatments at New Spring Wellness Center, I knew I wanted to try it. It’s helped me overcome the cravings for sugar, and for wine and helped me stay on a healthy course like I’ve never been able to do before.

The facility is beautiful, surroundings are peaceful and you just sit back and relax in a comfy lounge chair in your own private room while you have the IV treatments. The staff couldn’t be kinder. They really care about the patients and do everything possible to make sure you’re comfortable. They have done so much to ensure my success even after the initial treatments. I went back for a booster after about 7 weeks and its really helping me stay on track.

~LB, January 3, 2019

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Kickstart your New Year’s Resolutions and make your appointment with New Spring Wellness Center! Whether you are focusing on your health and wellness this year or you are trying to overcome addiction, anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or you need a brain boost to reduce brain fog, we can help you! Give us a call and schedule your free consultation at 573-693-1977.

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