Ladue NAD Treatment

Ladue NAD Treatment

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A lot of people around the world are battling with one addiction or the other. They find it difficult not to indulge in certain actions, such as drinking alcohol or abusing substances. Most of them want to stop but cannot do so as they find themselves going back to doing these same things repeatedly. These kinds of people require addiction treatment and therapy. They will most likely be inpatients for rehabilitation because of their chronic addiction.

There are different types of addiction treatments an alcohol or substance use addict may choose from. First, there is detoxification, which is the therapeutic procedure for extracting harmful substances from the liver of a human being or other living organisms. Also, cognitive behavior therapy is available for an addict. It is also effective as it helps manage one’s addiction by getting to the roots of the thoughts and emotions that influence the addict’s behavior. Once these underlying thoughts are discovered, therapists work hard to change them to better thoughts. Nowadays, NAD IV therapy is favored in drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

Nicotine Adenine Dinucleotide, commonly called NAD, is a co-enzyme of niacin that naturally occurs to help cells in the human body generate energy. The energy is generated from the food we eat. It helps to convert the food into cellular energy. NAD treatment is known to have a tremendous impact on aging, cognition and mental clarity, digestion, and many more advantages. NAD treatment is one of the best science-based addiction treatment programs in Glencoe, MO.

NAD IV for addiction in Glencoe, MO, is now the most suitable for persons undergoing therapy for substance abuse and alcohol addiction issues. Here are the pros and cons of this versatile treatment;


  • It is a holistic approach and alternates medication-based treatment. This is a good choice for individuals who do not want to experience the side effects of medications after treatment. What will be administered to you most times is vitamin IV drips.
  • Bridge addiction treatment in Glencoe, Missouri, which uses NAD IV therapy, reduces cravings associated with withdrawal.
  • NAD helps to restore your energy level
  • With NAD IV therapy, your mood only gets improved. You do not get challenged by frequent mood swings.
  • NAD IV therapy helps you to restore your cells.
  • The brain is one of the major essential parts of the body. NAD IV therapy improves the brain’s functions.
  • When anyone’s brain is improved, there is an assurance that cognitive clarity will follow. And this is achieved by NAD IV therapy.


  • Because NAD IV therapy takes effect almost immediately, it costs more than other regular treatments and therapy.
  • There is a tendency that you will have stomach discomfort when you opt for NAD IV therapy.
  • It causes fatigue.
  • It causes headaches
  • You are more likely to have diarrhea
  • It may cause nausea in patients.

The fact that NAD IV therapy can help detoxify the body and reduces cravings for certain substances after withdrawal makes the pros outweigh the cons.

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Ladue NAD Treatment

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