Lake Winnebago NAD Treatment

Lake Winnebago NAD Treatment

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NAD+ treatment has the potential to bring many benefits to your health. NAD+, a coenzyme derived from vitamin B3, stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. The body naturally produces NAD by synthesizing NAD precursors.

What is the work of NAD+ in the body?

NAD is involved in various enzymatic reactions and other prominent biological processes. It keeps the body strong and maintains its healthy way of functioning. It is involved with:

  • Repairing cells and maintaining cellular DNA
  • Managing stress response
  • Assisting metabolism
  • Fighting free radicals that speed up aging
  • Breaking down food to provide cellular energy
  • Repairing nerves, bones, and bones by promoting stem cell production.

Young people have a plentiful supply of NAD+. However, as you age, the production of NAD+ declines. In addition, other conditions such as substance abuse, poor diet, stress, and other lifestyle issues can decrease its production. NAD+IV therapy can help you relieve mental or physical fatigue.

NAD+IV therapy

NAD+ IV therapy introduces NAD+ straight into your bloodstream, enabling you to experience the impact of the coenzyme. Once it gets into the body, it induces the activity in the mitochondria of cells. As a result, the patient experiences an immediate increase in energy almost immediately and a lasting effect of heightened mental clarity and reduced fatigue.

Other ways of supporting NAD levels in the body include oral supplementation. You can also keep the levels of NAD+ naturally by lifestyle choices such as fasting diet, caloric restriction, and regular workouts.

NAD+ IV therapy helps in

Alleviating pain

Experts recommend NAD plus therapy for patients with chronic pain. It can aid in reducing pain in patients suffering chronic diseases that affect the nervous system. It can also ease the pain that results from direct damage to tissues in the body. For example, damage to body tissues can occur because of intensive workouts and accidents.

Relieving chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue leads to impairment in almost all physiological and physical functions. Some symptoms of chronic fatigue include insomnia, impaired memory, poor cognitive and coordination processes, and lethargy.

NAD plus stimulates the cells to produce adenosine triphosphate. Experts also prefer Vitamin IV drips for easing fatigue since it does not come with side effects.

Boosting metabolism

NAD therapy can metabolize carbohydrates. Therefore, it ensures NAD is readily available in the body and helps prevent sugar accumulation in the blood. In addition, NAD also activates the enzyme Sirtuins, which lowers incidences of fatty liver diseases and diabetes.

Boosting brainpower.

NAD+ IV therapy also enhances the functions of the brain neurons, protecting the brain from toxicity and cell damage.  


Enzymes that influence how the body age by protecting the DNA and rely on NAD. A consistent supply of sirtuins helps in avoiding inflammations, which ultimately prevents the death of body cells. Therefore, NAD+ supplementation is excellent in supporting the body’s ability to activate the secretion of sirtuins, which prevents inflation and reverses aging.

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment

NAD+ IV for addiction in Lake Winnebago can reduce addictive behavior and withdrawal symptoms after years of heavy consumption of drugs and other substances.

There is no need for you to suffer through symptoms like nausea, cravings, headache, insomnia, or fatigue. Other science-based addiction programs in Lake Winnebago, WI, such as bridge addiction treatment in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, effectively treat craving and withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse.   

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Lake Winnebago NAD Treatment

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