NAD+ IV Program for Addiction

At New Spring Wellness Center, we specialize in NAD for overcoming addiction. We provide the highest level of care and compassion because we have personally dealt with and overcome addiction. We know rock bottom and we know how our all natural NAD+ IV protocol can completely transform your life when nothing else has worked. 

NAD+ drastically reduces the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of addiction detox through brain restoration. In our safe, comfortable IV center, you’ll be completely supported and experience a safe detox from addiction.

We provide individualized IV plans for addiction. Not everyone is the same and your addiction recovery plan will be unique to you. These customized programs quickly and effectively address underlying chemical changes in the brain that addiction has caused so you can finally get out from underneath your cravings and live the life you want to live. 

The duration of NAD+ IV plans are between 6-10 days for 8 hours a day. 

NAD IV Program for Addiction

Experience safe detox from addiction with NAD+ IV protocol. Drastically reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of addiction detox through brain restoration.

Duration of NAD+ IV Program: 6-10 days | Up to 8 hours per day

NeuroRecover™ Intravenous Formula

At New Spring Wellness Center, we have a NeuroRecover™ intravenous formula specifically for treating those suffering from the effects of sustained alcohol or drug abuse. In the comfort of our outpatient center, NeuroRecover™ is administered by our trained medical staff as a daily intravenous solution for up to eight hours a day. This prolonged exposure to specific amino acids and NAD bathes the damaged nervous system in an abundance of repair materials. The brain is then able to rapidly employ these natural materials to speed up the healing to the neurotransmitters that alcohol exposure has caused. This process minimizes withdrawal and results in a drastic reduction in cravings.

The number of treatment days will be determined within your individualized care plan. Generally, in no more than 10 days with their newly balanced brain, patients experience restored mental clarity and boosted mood with freedom from alcohol cravings! Even patients that have been sober for some time experience a new freedom and quality to their sobriety.

The Effects of Addiction

Addiction causes damages to the body’s nervous system by artificially stimulating neurotransmitter receptors. This continued stimulation dulls the brain’s receptors and causes the need for sustained or increased use of alcohol or other substances to function. This physical dependency is an addiction.

NAD helps with a variety of addictions, including: 

  • Alcohol
  • Methamphetamine (Meth) 
  • Opioids (Heroin | Painkillers)
  • Benzodiazepine (Benzos | Xanax)

NAD for Addiction Frequently Asked Questions

How can NAD IV drips for addiction help me?

NAD+ IV addiction plans help proteins that regulate other cellular functions and helps turn nutrients into energy, which is critical for your metabolism. It helps with setting and regulating your body’s circadian rhythm or internal clock. NAD+ IV protocol is a great way to restore your body while combating addiction.

Is NAD safe?

NAD IV protocol is a safe, natural, and effective treatment for addiction, weight loss and much more.

How do you feel after NAD IV?

After NAD IV sessions, you will feel mental clarity, less anxiety, less cravings and even an increase of energy.

How long do NAD infusions last?

NAD infusion can last anywhere from 6 to 10 days, depending on your customized plan, for 8 hours each day. 

Do NAD infusions really work?

It has been reported that NAD IV infusions have up to a 90% success rate reducing cravings and addiction with only a 7% relapse rate!

Can NAD help with anxiety?

Yes, NAD for anxiety is highly effective. It is also often helpful with mental clarity, overall wellness, weight loss and much more.