Nad Therapy Cost

Nad Therapy Cost

How Much Does NAD Therapy Cost?

NAD therapy has opened a new door to recovery. Where it helps restore the healthy functioning of the brain, it is also used for reversing the signs of aging and can even improve your athletic performance. At New Spring Wellness Center, we bridge addiction treatment in Glen or Missouri by providing the best NAD IV treatment. We offer NAD IV for addiction in Glencoe MO with a promise to give you the results you are looking for. But how much does NAD therapy cost and is the treatment really worth all the hype? The content below will further guide you on this matter.

How Much Is The Cost Of NAD Therapy?

On average, any IV therapy will cost you between $125-$200. If the therapy involves NAD, then the therapy is even more affordable. NAD is a powerful and natural enzyme found in every cell of our body. Besides, treating addiction NAD supports a wide range of functions within the internal body structure.

Why Use IV Treatment For NAD Therapy?

Like all other science-based addiction treatment programs in Glencoe, MO, NAD IV therapy has its own benefits. NAD therapy works by infusing the oxidized form of a coenzyme directly into the bloodstream through vitamin IV drips. This way the coenzyme reaches the damaged cells directly without undergoing the digestion process. Moreover, NAD IV therapy offers ease of convenience. You can simply carry on with your work on the laptop and your body receives the therapy through the IV.

Benefits Of NAD Therapy

NAD is a co-enzyme that boosts metabolic activities within your body and also stimulates the level of serotonin helping you fight depression and anxiety. Looking at the total benefits of NAD therapy, one realizes that they outrun the total cost incurred on this form of treatment.

1) Addiction Recovery:

About 40-60% of people relapse while fighting addiction. But by involving NAD therapy in the drug and alcohol abuse treatment program along with medications and counseling, the patients have a greater chance of becoming sober. Addiction diminishes the supply of natural NAD enzymes within the body causing degeneration of the brain cells. By delivering the NAD through the bloodstream, the brain cells are restored, helping the person fight the withdrawal symptoms.

2) Boost Cognitive Functioning:

NAD coenzymes give a boost to cognitive functioning by improving concentration and mental clarity, facilitate brain regeneration, help the person stay focused, boost memory, and also support you in fighting depression and anxiety.

3) Becomes Your Energy Booster:

NAD therapy is known to boost ATP production within the body. ATP provides energy to our cells, helping the body function properly such as cellular registration and contraction of muscles. By increasing the supply of ATP, NAD enables you to stay active.

4) Improve Metabolic Activities:

Being overweight is a major cause of getting exposed to a lot of diseases. NAD therapy, a healthy diet, and regular exercise can improve the metabolic activities of your body.

To get the NAD IV therapy results contact New Spring Wellness Center and give your body a healthy supply of NAD under the supervision of health experts. For further consultation contact us at https://newspringwellnesscenter.com/schedule-free-consultation/


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