Nad Therapy For Covid

Nad Therapy For Covid

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As COVID 19 has shaken the world upside down, now researchers struggle in understanding its nature and why it affects someone badly and someone mildly. The observations suggest that there is a close connection between coenzyme NAD and the severity of Covid 19.

Harvard Research summarizes that NAD is a great immunity booster that can help safeguard against Covid 19. Several researchers also recommend NAD therapy for Covid to make the immune system strong so that the body could fight the virus better. Let’s take a deeper look at this matter and find out why so many people are opting for NAD therapy for Covid 19.

A Quick Overview Of NAD

NAD is a beneficial coenzyme present in every cell that facilitates numerous functions such as energy production, cell restoration, immunity booster, hormone synthesis, and much more. The concentration of NAD in the body decreases with age and it becomes crucial to provide the body with its needed amount of NAD to perform these functions and even fight against deadly viruses.

How NAD and Covid 19 connects?

People who are diabetic, obese, or in hypertension, etc can also experience the lack of NAD in their system. When a body is exposed to any virus suppose Covid 19 or external threats an immune system is activated which with time exhausts the NAD quantity in the body. As of now, NAD is working tirelessly to protect the cells from possible damage. This is the main reason why people with NAD depletion suffer the most from the virus.

This suggests that not only our elders but anyone who has lower NAD in the body can suffer badly at the hands of Covid 19.

Summary of a Research:

  • As we age our immune system becomes slow to respond to the pathogens and gets easily overburdened by chronic inflammation.
  • A weak immune system gives coronavirus a chance to feed, grow and multiply quickly hence intensifying the symptoms.
  • NAD is a key component in numerous functions such as pathogen defense, facilitate stress resistance, and brain cell development.
  • The lower level of NAD in the lungs and vascular endothelium promotes Covid 19 to thrive and prevail.
  • NAD boosters are suggested as the first-line treatment against Covid 19. And they are a great component to recognize and combat it before it causes severe damage.

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