NAD Therapy for Covid

NAD Treatment for Covid

Experience safe NAD Treatment for Covid at our NAD Therapy Center. NAD stands for Nicotinamide (Nick-o-tin-a-mide) Adenine (Ad-a-nine) Dinucleotide (Di-nuke-tee-a-tide) is an essential molecule found in every cell of your body. This metabolic co-enzyme that structures, repairs, and is an essential component of energy production (mitochondrial function); heavily involved in DNA repair and cell repair; responsible for turning certain genes on and off; and essential for maintaining neurotransmitter levels, for the proper functioning of the brain. News Spring Wellness Center provides the best rated NAD IV Therapy when you are looking for NAD Treatment for Covid near me.

Treatment time: 6-10 days | 8 hours a days

NAD and Covid

NAD treatments are typically administered in an effort to improve general fitness, wellness, and restore healthy brain and body function. However, in today’s world, NAD for Covid treatment has been on the rise, and with good reason.

Over time our bodies get tired and stop naturally producing as much NAD. NAD Covid therapy is packed full of naturally restorative components to help get your body back to where it needs to be.

When our bodies contract the Covid virus our cellular defense is triggered to protect our body.
NAD for Covid helps boost the body’s reparative and restorative NAD process which in turn helps combat Covid.

Famous Podcaster Joe Rogan contracted Covid and combated it for 3 days with NAD Covid therapy.
“I got up in the morning, got tested and turns out I got COVID. So we immediately threw the kitchen sink at it — all kinds of meds: monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin … everything. And I also got an NAD drip and a vitamin drip, and I did that three days in a row,” reported the Los Angeles Times.

NAD Therapy for Covid

What is an NAD Drip

Vitamin IV drip therapy is great for alleviating the symptoms of dehydration, migraines, nausea, hangovers, cold, flu, jet-lagged, low energy, muscle aches, weakness, vomiting, groggy, irritability, food poisoning, illness, headaches, fatigue, seasonal affective disorder, sleep deprivation, PMS, arthritis and more. Just one NAD IV treatment session of a high powered IV vitamin boost can improve your body’s overall function and health. It’s convenient and easy because it’s being dripped right into your veins, directly into your bloodstream. The NAD IV treatment nutrients immediately start to get absorbed into your body as soon as the drip therapy begins. This boosts your body’s natural healing system and helps promote optimal health and well-being.

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Best Rated NAD Treatment for Covid

Best Rated NAD Treatment Covid

NAD plays a huge factor in our ability to stay healthy.
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NAD Treatment Reviews


Linda B

So many healthful options here. I trust Dr Bernabe and Chad & Katie and know they are using quality products. You couldn’t ask for a more caring atmosphere!

Mary K

The staff is the most kind, compassionate, caring group of people. I highly recommend.

Keri M

My husband and I have been here a several times. Today I called and they worked us in when I said my son was battling the stomach flu. He was very impressed with the nurse and owners! Wonderful people !!! Wonderful facility!!!

Tiffany O

First time in and I’m going back SOON!! Staff was great! I left feeling rejuvenated yet relaxed and ready to face the week!! Highly recommend!!

Kenbra D

What a wonderful place to start healthy living. The nicest people ❤

Lindsey W

I went in for a “booster” after my nicotine treatment. I had been feeling very anxious and irritated. After my booster, I felt so calm and relaxed. It was just what I needed to commit to my goal. Great place!


NAD+ therapy for covid involves a high dose IV infusion that goes directly into the bloodstream. IV drips allows NAD for covid to bypass the digestive system resulting in greater absorption. NAD+ works rapidly to repair cells throughout the body and within the neurons in the brain. When NAD levels are increased, cells produce more energy, DNA is repaired and many other functions throughout the body and brain are optimized New Springs Wellness Center and its staff have been trained by the longest running NAD+ covid clinic in the US.

We use NAD+ therapy for covid for their proprietary protocol to restore brain function. Our nutritionally-based Intravenous infusion gives the brain what it needs to become healthy and repairs damage caused by stress, depression, addiction, alcoholism, post-traumatic stress, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. These conditions deplete the brain of neurotransmitters. Our NAD+ covid protocols, which include the purest NAD available, help patients replenish their supply of neurotransmitters. These protocols are completely nutrient-based and are made of compounds a healthy body produces naturally. Being completely natural, there is no drug to become addicted to or dependent on. The only side effect is naturally better health.

NAD for Covid


Regain mental agility with more clarity & less fog.

Service Time: 6-10 Days | 8 Hours A Days



A method of addressing the underlying chemical changes in the brain that the drugs or alcohol have caused.

Abstinence, psychological support and switching to other drugs are generally all that are used in drug treatment, in hopes that the brain will gradually recover on its own from the chemical damage. While some degree of brain healing will usually occur after decreasing or discontinuing drug or alcohol use, very often the natural healing is minimal, and the person suffers with continuing emptiness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cravings, pain, brain fog and/or fatigue.

NAD IV Therapy for Covid Near Me


NeuroRecover treatment involves several days, usually without interuption, of daily intravenous treatment. The IV formula is given as a slow drip, requiring about eight hours each day for the first few days, and often fewer hours towards the final days of treatment.

The prolonged daily exposure to high levels of amino acids designed to effectively penetrate the brain allows the patient who is still using drugs or alcohol to safely stop these substances completely (“cold turkey”), with few exceptions, on the first day of treatment. While some withdrawal symptoms are often felt, most patients find that it is much easier than doing it without the assistance of the amino acids.

Patients find that the major negative effects of drugs or alcohol use, such as cravings and anxiety, are gone by the fourth to sixth dat of treatment. The second phase of restoration takes over at this point getting back one’s enthusiasm, memory, mental clarity, sleep quality and energy. Your doctor will help you determine how many days of treatment are required for the optimal, lasting result.



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