Nad Therapy Studies

Nad Therapy Studies

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With the world functioning at such a fast pace, we often find ourselves getting lost and losing ourselves by just trying to catch up with the rest of the world. The failure to do so can have terrible effects on our mental health and so can the events of life crisis that we all have to experience at some point in our lives. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress amongst others have especially become increasingly prominent in recent years. While these issues are big enough as it is, they sometimes lead to even bigger problems such as addiction and substance abuse that people find even more difficult to deal with, especially without stable mental health to help them get through the rough times. We at New Spring Wellness Center understand how these struggles can be extremely daunting and if you are searching for the right facility for science-based treatment programs in Glencoe MO for yourself or a loved one, we would love to help you out. Our facility provides a list of services which include drug and alcohol abuse treatment as well as a bridge addiction treatment in Glencoe Missouri. Although there are multiple forms of therapies out there, we believe that the best treatment is one that is all-natural and does not depend on drugs which is we believe vitamin IV drips are incredibly efficient and work well to treat these issues.

NAD Therapy:

When looking at all-natural options for therapy, NAD therapy proves to be an amazing form of therapy that has shown immense potential and incredible results in many of our clients. The main job of the IV is to reconstruct the body cells as well as the DNA to achieve an overall improvement in bodily functions. The IV also focuses on repairing the nerve cells to further improve mental health so that it would result in stabilizing mental health conditions and get rid of issues associated with it. Alongside this, the IV also helps in increasing ATP production in body cells which in turn leads to increased energy production which results in overall uplift of moods in people.

Client Experiences:

Many of our clients have availed the NAD therapy that we provide at our facility. Some of these experiences were recorded as testimonials where each of them described their experiences and the results that were achieved following their therapy. Many of our clients had seen positive results from the therapy and had seen a general increase in their energy. While some had relief from battling with addiction and withdrawal symptoms, others said good riddance to emotional numbness and other mental health issues such as stress and anxiety. NAD IV provided these people with mental stability without the use of any drugs since the IV was solely nutrient-based with no drugs involved whatsoever. With NAD therapy an overall improved functioning of the body was observed since not only did the therapy target the addiction problems but also worked to target the root of these problems which was damages to the nervous system.

Customized Plans for Therapy:

Our facility understands and encourages client individuality which is why we design a custom therapy plan for all our clients depending on their needs and concerns they want to be addressed. We provide NAD IV for addiction in Glencoe MO and have a highly professional team of staff members ready to accommodate you and make the experience for you as comfortable as possible. Wait no more and head over to our facility or get in touch with us if you have any further queries or if you want to get a free consultation.

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Nad Therapy Studies

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