Nad Treatment Cancer

Nad Treatment Cancer

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NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that plays a crucial role in DNA synthesis. It also plays vital roles in cellular redox reactions and primary energy metabolisms such as glycolysis, citric acid cycle, and mitochondrial electron transport.

The importance of NAD is emphasized by the fact that at least 200 enzymes require NAD because of its reversible oxidation-reduction properties. This is why NAD is responsible for DNA repair, stress resistance, and cell death. The fundamental nature of NAD to the body’s essential functions also ensures it holds impressive therapeutics potentials for a wide variety of conditions.

Cancer is essentially the malignant transformation of cells, and NAD can stem this kind of transformation by regulating diverse pathways, inducing apoptosis, DNA repair, and increasing cell defense. That is why the administration of NAD is seen as a great way to combat cancer. Indeed it is also used for drug and alcohol abuse treatment and is a significant factor in science-based addiction treatment programs in Glencoe, MO.

 NAD and Cancer Treatment


Studies have revealed that NAD is an essential factor related to cancer formation and prevention. It is involved in molecular processes critical to cancer development, including DNA repair, stress responses, signaling, transcription, apoptosis, metabolism, differentiation, chromatin structure, and increased life span.

However, the depletion of NAD levels in the body over time plays a significant role in cancer formation. How? It limits energy production, DNA repair, genomic stability, and signaling. The disruption of any of these processes increases the risk of cancer and can lead to cancer progression and promotion.

The thing is, cell division, differentiation, senescence, and apoptosis and DNA damage recognition, and velocity of repair are essential processes that ensure the maintenance of genomic stability.

Studies show that NAD plays a protective role in genomic stability and mutation formation, and cancer prevention. It has also been revealed that NAD protects cells from oxidative stress or the adverse effects of oxygen-glucose deprivation.

So increasing NAD levels in the body could prevent or reverse the phenotype of malignant cells at early stages by inducing cellular repair and stress adaptive response and regulating cell cycle arrest and the removal of damaged cells.

NAD IV Therapy

Similar to NAD IV for addiction in Glencoe, MO, NAD IV infusion therapy offers a potent vehicle for boosting NAD levels in the body. With IV infusion, which is similar to Vitamin IV drips, NAD is directly delivered to the patient's bloodstream, where it can implement its intracellular anti-cancer functions.

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Nad Treatment Cancer

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