Nad Treatment For Alzheimers

Nad Treatment For Alzheimers

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Alzheimer’s is a common chronic brain disease that is irreversible. It is a progressive disease and keeps on growing. It is a disease that is highly common in adults above the age of 65 and is estimated to affect more than 6 million American adults, aged 65 or above. It is estimated that 1/3rd of the entire population of adults aged 85 have Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s attacks on the mind of an individual and their memory along with the thinking skills are depleted and impacted over time, with a lot of adults even losing the ability to perform basic daily functions and tasks. The first signs of Alzheimer’s are commonly memory problems, however, the signs vary from individual to individual, and some can experience different signs such as losing the capacity to think normally, being at a loss of words, etc.

To this date, there is no complete cure for Alzheimer’s and one cannot completely get rid of the disease. However, some treatments can help delay the symptoms and the pace of the disease, along with altering the severity of symptoms. Providing people fighting this disease with a better chance at being in control of their symptoms and having a longer life span. Chemists, biologists, pharmacists, and neurologists have been trying for years to come up with an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s and a relatively new type of treatment has been introduced, the NAD treatment.

NAD treatment for Alzheimer’s:

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a naturally occurring coenzyme found in human cells. It is found at the highest rates in a newborn and decreases with age. It is a highly essential molecule in the human body and is present in every cell of the body. The cell functions are activated using this molecule, so its presence in the body is vital. It also regulated the chemical process that produces beta-amyloid. The decrease in NAD as we age leads to unregulated chemical processes in the body and hence ill-working cells, along with an increase in the beta-amyloid levels.

Recent studies have shown that NAD treatment where NAD is infused into the body, to help with the chemical processes and regenerate the cells is a promising treatment for Alzheimer’s. it directly works on the dysfunctional cells that are causing the symptoms and escalation of Alzheimer’s, and regenerates them, resulting in a healthy cellular mechanism in the body. For now, it is reported that NAD treatment greatly declines the growth and severity of Alzheimer’s, and more research is being carried out to make it an effective way of completely getting rid of Alzheimer’s.

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Nad Treatment For Alzheimers

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