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Susan NAD Treatment Review


Addiction: Alcohol – Therapy: Alcoholism

Have you ever felt as if you were fighting a fight that can’t be won? Because of repeated attempts at trying to “change” how you think, or how you feel?

Well that’s a short version of a lifetime of attempts at trying to quit drinking and using. Many roads of destruction because I couldn’t stop the obsession with whatever I was obsessing about that day. My mind was like a wheel constantly turning, full of fear, anxiety, confusion and obsession. That’s a tough battle to fight on a daily basis, only in the end to feel as if I’ve failed again. So many hurt feelings, broken promises and even some victories from time to time. But the victories were usually the moments I wasn’t letting my secret life show its ugly head.

New Springs Wellness has given me the opportunity to not only feel as if there is hope, but after 10 days of NAD treatment my whole entire outlook on life has changed. My thinking is one that I feel unfamiliar why? Because I am focused, clear-minded and my ability to reason is more organized in my thoughts. That is something I am not familiar with until after my 10 days of NAD.I have absolutely no desire to drink or use. What’s even better the obsession has been removed completely! I have never in my life time experience such calmness Kama hopefulness and an excitement about life exclamation. this experience is one that I would wish anyone needing help would give this consideration. I truly feel my old life has been replaced with a life of many blessings, gratitude and pure happiness. I say this because the struggles in life will come but I will be in much better equipped to deal with them I can’t think Katie and Chad Brewer enough and thank you for a new chance at life!

Dan NAD Treatment Review


Therapy: Executive Brain Boost

Jennifer NAD Treatment Review


Addiction: Alcohol – Therapy: Alcoholism

Mary NAD Treatment Review


Addiction: Anxiety, Depression and PTSD – Therapy: 4 Day NAD Therapy

Heike NAD Treatment Review


Addiction: Alcohol – Therapy: Alcoholism and Anxiety

I like to thank you the friendly staff of the new spring wellness center for your services.
I feel like a new person after the treatment.
My anxiety is subdued tremendously and I feel positive again!
What a difference from before and after.
I feel like I got new lease of life!
Again I thank you from bottom of my heart!
I will spread the word about this wonderful treatment!

Jim NAD Treatment Review


Addiction: Mental Fog – Therapy: 6 Day Mental Clarity/Executive Boost

Aaron NAD Treatment Review


Addiction: Prescription Drugs – Therapy: NAD 12 day therapy


Therapy: Anti-Aging - NAD+ Therapy

Finally, I’m sticking to my plan for healthy eating! I’ve tried so many times to be determined enough to follow through with a plan. But each night or after about three good days, I’d give into a late night snack or drink and that would cause me to never get anywhere. When I heard about the NAD IV treatments at New Spring Wellness Center, I knew I wanted to try it. It’s helped me overcome the cravings for sugar, and for wine and helped me stay on a healthy course like I’ve never been able to do before.

The facility is beautiful, surroundings are peaceful and you just sit back and relax in a comfy lounge chair in your own private room while you have the IV treatments.
The staff couldn’t be kinder. They really care about the patients and do everything possible to make sure you’re comfortable. They have done so much to ensure my success even after the initial treatments. I went back for a booster after about 7 weeks and its really helping me stay on track.

Josh NAD Treatment Review


Addiction: Smoking, Nicotine – Therapy: Auriculotherapy

I have been dependent on nicotine for close to 28 years. In those 28 years, I’ve been smoking 1.5 to 2 packs of cigarettes per day. I have tried the gum, pills, and going cold turkey to quit …and have constantly failed. I came to New Spring Wellness thinking their treatment was voodoo and it would not work. I was wrong. It absolutely works. It helped me get through the cravings and push through difficulties of quitting. The negative thoughts and physical cravings are the worst! Not only that, New Spring staff stayed with me emotionally and encouraged me through the process. These guys are the real deal. Very worth the drive from Jefferson City.

Deirdré NAD Treatment Review


Addiction: Anti-Depressant Medication Dependence – Therapy: NAD IV Therapy

My name is Deirdré, I came to New Spring Wellness Center to address my dependence on Zoloft anti-depressant prescription medication.

I started taking Zoloft in 2008 when I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. After a number of years of recovery, support and counseling I felt ready to get off of the medication. Two lousy failed attempts gave me a sobering understanding of how very dependent my body had become on this medication. The withdrawal symptoms were terrible, I could not function at all and I felt I had no other option but to go back on the highest medical prescription dosage (200mg) along with its nagging side effects.

At first I was skeptical when I heard about the chemical detox and neuro repair benefits of NAD IV treatment. However, the incredible results some of my friends were experiencing were undeniable. I became hopeful that this treatment could help me get off the Zoloft and possibly repair some of the chemical damage from it.

I received 10 days of NAD IV treatment to address my chemical dependency. I was very nervous going “cold turkey” on the first day of my treatment but Dr. Maria Bernabe and the staff at New Spring Wellness Center were amazing! I felt emotionally supported and well cared for. I had a private room, with a very comfortable leather recliner chair, WiFi, and a flat screen TV with with Netflix to watch when I needed some distraction.

After day 3 my sleep improved greatly! Sleeping through the night felt like an infusion of hope for the rest of my treatment days. By day 4-5 I felt a significant increase in my energy levels. Day 6-8 I had some withdrawal symptoms, I was weepy and irritable but nothing in comparison with the withdrawal I experienced before. This felt manageable and I was determined to complete all 10 days. By day 9 I experienced great clarity of mind, good energy, I could focus on detail effortlessly and the weepiness and irritability was gone. By the end of Day 10 I felt amazing, high levels of energy and vitality and certainly much hope for the future.

I understand that my next steps of care are important. I am committed to follow up with a neuro psychiatrist to get feedback on how my brain is doing without the medication and what my brain needs moving forward. I am also scheduling blood work with my primary care doctor to understand how else I can support my body towards greater health. I am very grateful to New Spring Wellness staff for the quality treatment experience! I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who needs support in getting off mood altering prescription medication as well as anyone would like to take intentional steps towards greater health and vitality.

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