New Hampshire Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Drug and alcohol addiction services in New Hampshire vary significantly, as each facility offers different treatments. Comparing and contrasting the best New Hampshire substance abuse treatment centers can grant insight into what you can expect.

Generic treatments without holistic alternatives leave too much room for individuals to relapse and fall back into active addiction. Live Free Recovery Services stands among the top New Hampshire inpatient drug rehab centers because our staff takes customized treatment approaches.

There are several reasons why we are one of the top New Hampshire rehabs. Clients appreciate our compassionate care and respectful attitudes regarding new patients and their achievements. Transforming lives through multiple treatments and levels of care sets Live Free Recovery Services apart from the run of the mill treatment facilities.

The partial hospitalization program we offer presents clients with an opportunity to recondition themselves to avoid addiction triggers. Living at home allows residents to feel safe and comfortable without compromising the integrity of their treatments.

New Hampshire Drug Rehab and Inpatient Alcohol Rehabs in NH

Live Free Recovery Services is an NH alcohol and drug treatment center that offers tiered treatment programs with elective therapies. Partial hospitalization ranks as a popular inpatient treatment that doesn’t take away clients’ freedoms. Partial hospitalization differs significantly from outpatient care because it involves more intensive therapies and commitments.

We believe in offering a broad selection of rehab treatment facilities that offer several approaches to therapy. Cookie-cutter therapies don’t benefit every client because everyone is considered to be one of a kind. Dual diagnosis treatments give residents an outlet to treat addiction and mental illness together. Treating addiction without addressing mental health issues is futile and less likely to produce long term results.

Treatments at Live Free Recovery Services include group or individual therapy sessions and medication management courses. We highly encourage clients to combine multiple therapies to ensure the best success possible.

Continuing Treatment After Partial Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Leaving treatment to reenter the hustle and bustle of life can leave people feeling small or out of sorts. Aftercare is essential to promoting structured lifestyles that avoid triggers and destructive behaviors. Live Free Recovery Services provides outpatient and sober living treatment options that have helped countless people get their lives back.

Relapse prevention services teach people how to recognize triggers and successfully avoid addictive patterns. Making small changes in your everyday routine can promote long term success and quality of life.

Our facility is different from other local rehab centers because we address our clients’ mental and physical health. The level of care we offer at Live Free Recovery Services is unmatched by any other New Hampshire facility.

Speaking Directly With an Addiction Specialist

Speaking directly with an addiction specialist can guide you when choosing the right therapies and treatments. At Live Free Recovery Services, we feel that going the extra mile for quality customer services gives us an advantage over other service providers. You can call us to verify insurance coverage or to ask questions by dialing 1-877-932-6757.

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New Hampshire Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

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