Nixa NAD Treatment

Nixa NAD Treatment

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NAD is one of the most critical co-enzymes of metabolism. Found in all living cells, it plays a host of functions, most notably in energy provision. It is naturally available in the body but as a finite resource. Studies have shown that the levels of NAD in the body can be decreased by poor nutritional habits and conditions, aging, and alcohol and drug abuse. Due to these latter substance dependencies, depletion forms the basis for NAD IV for addiction in Nixa, MO.

What does NAD Therapy do for you?

NAD IV therapy is a regimen that involves an infusion of NAD. It is administered intravenously to enable faster absorption and greater bioavailability. As a result, it quickly reaches the brain and body cells, which subsequently utilize it. The net result is an increase in energy levels, an improvement in mood, and greater awareness.

Other benefits include:

Slowed aging- Ageing is a natural process, and a decline in many systemic functions is expected the older you get. While the process cannot be reversed or stopped, NAD therapy can slow it. It allows the brain and body organs to operate at higher levels. As a result, there is a less cognitive decline and a reduced probability of developing a neurodegenerative disease.

Addiction Treatment– Alcohol use disorders and substance abuse problems use up all NAD reserves, leading to a sluggish system incapable of breaking these dependencies. NAD therapy provides a comparatively holist approach to treatment than pharmacotherapeutic regimens. NAD binds to opiate receptors in the brain, suppressing cravings for drugs and reducing the many discomforts that come with withdrawal. Together with Vitamin IV drips, the therapy replenishes essential vitamins and nutrients, supporting faster recovery. In summary, when used in drug and alcohol abuse treatment, NAD therapy improves mood, reduces cravings, boosts energy, mitigates withdrawal symptoms, improves cellular functions, and increases cognitive awareness and function.

Is NAD for you?

Bridge addiction treatment in Nixa, Missouri, is already showing effectiveness. Its success can complement NAD therapy, which is becoming adopted in many wellness and rehab centers for its support during the different recovery phases. It is recommended if you are currently struggling with addiction. If you are looking to detox without the commitment of joining a rehabilitation program, it is similarly recommended. Those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, declining cognitive or neurological functions can also benefit from the therapy.

As an addict, breaking the habit can be nearly impossible without suitable support systems. Therefore, science-based addiction treatment programs in Nixa, MO, are implementing the therapy into their programs because of the promise it holds. It complements other therapies such as CBT, contingency management, 12-steps, and animal-assisted therapies that all play a role in breaking addiction.

 NAD therapy takes anywhere from 4 to 14 days, with a 10-day average. It is overseen by a medical professional who prescribes the most suitable treatment plan. The length of each infusion is a couple of hours.

Achieving freedom from addiction might seem daunting at first, but it remains within reach if you are open to these continually emerging approaches to treatment.

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Nixa NAD Treatment

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