Outpatient Treatment Center Bakersfield

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Outpatient Treatment Center Bakersfield

Our outpatient rehab treatment facility is dedicated to helping people struggling with substance abuse and mental health conditions. Here is why you should consider us:

Excellent environment for recovery

We understand that drug addiction and alcoholism are disorders. We have over 40 years of experience and dedication to every individual, which has led to continued success and the long-term recovery of thousands. We believe people can recover since we have seen it for ourselves. Our comprehensive, intensive outpatient addiction treatment and detox programs and the specialized treatment we offer focus on safety and needs as the priorities. Our facility is licensed and accredited. We are convinced that chemical dependency is an individualized sickness that works with a treatment regimen that centers on group therapy.

For four decades, we have offered a structured, safe and supportive environment for adults who want to recover from co-occurring disorders and addiction. Located near a beautiful and futuristic mountain, we are a leading substance abuse treatment center in Bakersfield. When it comes to healing addictions, we take a holistic approach that heals the soul, spirit, body, and mind. Choosing to seek treatment for substance addiction is a life-altering decision. So whether you or your loved one suffers from addiction, we are here to help.

Skilled and dedicated staff

Our staff is dedicated to every visitor who walks through our doors. We offer clinically superior drug addiction care. We have skilled counselors, medical professionals, nurses, support staff, and clinical personnel with years of experience. The staff work as a team to give a respectful, positive and effective recovery process for patients and their family members. Safety and empathy are the core values that guide the work our staff does daily.

Personalized addiction treatment services

Other than our core addiction treatment program, we also offer customized treatment options to address the needs of individuals. For example, once you enter our treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions program, we offer detoxification so that you can get rid of harmful substances. Through detox, our patients can start residential treatment with a clear mind and focus on their recovery.

We offer family therapy which comprises educational lectures, workshops, and group therapy. Our clinical and medical team analyses patients then decide if individual sessions are necessary. We want all our clients seeking treatment to feel comfortable, welcome, safe, and cared for during sessions and the duration of their stay. Therefore: we offer an individual approach to gender issues related to co-occurring disorders and addiction as part of the treatment plan.

Substance abuse may be accompanied by mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. To mitigate co-occurring disorders, we offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment. By doing this, mental health concerns are addressed and identified alongside addiction. Opiate abuse is a worldwide pandemic. We have created an opiate addiction recovery plan that enables patients to detox from opiates and safely transition to the residential program.

Advanced medical technology 

Speech, physical, recreational and occupational therapy are essential parts of our care, and we have a large gymnasium with modern medical technology supplies. As a result, our patients can regain mobility and strength while training in a modern simulated–at–a home atmosphere so that they can relearn daily in-home duties.

Please contact Advanced Recovery Centers at 661-325-4357 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.


Outpatient Treatment Center Bakersfield

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Outpatient Treatment Center Bakersfield

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