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Republic NAD Treatment

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The health industry constantly seeks new solutions to existing problems. It has inspired milestones in wellness and addiction as they are studied less than conventional medicine. An emerging therapy that is gaining traction is NAD+ therapy. Ongoing research is still trying to demonstrate its effectiveness, but many experts advocate for its use so far. Science-based addiction treatment programs in Republic, MO are already adopting it and giving positive feedback.

NAD Therapy

NAD or Nucleotide Adenine Dinucleotide is an essential molecule responsible for metabolic processes in all living things. It serves many diverse functions, with the majority evolving around energy production and neurotransmission. In addition, it is linked to mood, DNA repair, cognitive function, and memory.

In NAD therapy, an infusion of NAD is given intravenously over a couple of hours. This method is preferred over oral administration to bypass the digestive system, which would break it down. The result is higher availability and better absorption. 

NAD Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Those struggling with addictions benefit from the therapy because their substance dependencies deplete their NAD reserves. It is the reason many drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers prescribe it upon receiving new patients. By increasing the NAD available to their brains and body cells, they get the best start to their recovery journey.

NAD IV for addiction in Republic MO is initiated at the detox stage. Going through withdrawal is challenging and tests the will and resolve of the patient. The therapy supports them during this period by increasing their energy levels, boosting their mood, reducing cravings, and lifting the drug-induced brain fog. They are more empowered to go through the rest of the treatment period as a result. 

NAD is not aimed at replacing bridge addiction treatment in Republic Missouri. It is a complementary intervention and is geared towards promoting recovery in the long and short term. It works to support other treatment programs, not replace them. 

NAD Therapy for Wellness

When used as a wellness treatment, NAD therapy can benefit those with anxiety and depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and those at risk of or with symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. It also slows aging.

For these people, the therapy is not as long as those undergoing rehabilitation. Instead, it can be infused in one appointment, with subsequent ones coming every six to eight weeks. 

The Process

Four to Fourteen days is recommended for the therapy, depending on the history of the patient and health goals. After an evaluation, the patient is hooked to an intravenous solution for up to ten hours a day. There are alternatives of lower doses that run quicker or subcutaneous injections depending on desired treatment outcomes. Vitamin IV can be administered as well if the nutritional profile of the patient is poor.

During administration, a host of activities are provided to keep the patient occupied. They can work, sleep, or spend time online as the facilities come well equipped. 

There is more to be learned about NAD therapy since it is an emerging treatment. No long-term data is currently available, so regular boosters are required to maintain the effects. 

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Republic NAD Treatment

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