St Louis NAD Treatment

St Louis NAD Treatment

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New Spring Wellness Center is a leading St Louis NAD treatment center with cutting-edge technology and innovative treatments. Our NAD therapy boosts the NAD reserves and promotes general wellbeing, allowing our clients to lead a healthy and active life.

How does NAD therapy boost overall wellness?

NAD therapy is one of the best science-based addiction treatment programs in St. Louis, MO, providing an array of health benefits and improving overall health and wellness. Some of the benefits of NAD vitamin IV drips include:

  1. Complements drug and alcohol abuse treatment

Regular therapy alongside NAD IV for addiction in St. Louis, MO, can help recovering addicts overcome the painful withdrawal phase safely and reduce their cravings. The treatment ensures a speedy recovery, helping patients maintain lasting success with sobriety. It is a natural alternative to medications and does not come with any side effects.

  1. Reduce pain

NAD+ therapy increases the level of sirtuins in the body, which plays a critical role in the body's inflammatory response and antioxidant expression. This group of proteins called sirtuins reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, and improves the quality of life in those battling chronic illnesses.

  1. Improve cognitive function

Sirtuins not only help manage pain but also improve the cells' resistance to stress. They slow down the process of age-related cognitive decline and improve mental clarity, memory, mood, and concentration. Sirtuins are also notorious for facilitating brain regeneration and reducing symptoms of depression.

Not to mention, NAD therapy boosts energy and helps patients overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, making it a potent alternative to more expensive or risky treatment procedures.

What can cause low NAD?

Several factors can cause a drop in NAD levels, such as alcohol and drug abuse, depression, PTSD, anxiety, aging, neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer's, anxiety, etc. In some cases, the body's natural reserves of NAD can deplete because of certain health conditions or lifestyle choices.

While regular exercise, dietary changes, intermittent fasting, and eating raw foods can improve the body's NAD levels, it can be a slow process. Our NAD IV infusion therapy introduces the co-enzyme directly into your bloodstream and ensures quick results.

Is NAD therapy right for me?

NAD therapy is a versatile treatment with a plethora of health benefits. For starters, it improves the quality of life in individuals battling a wide variety of health conditions. You should consider NAD therapy if:

  1. You are recovering from substance abuse and are looking for a bridge addiction treatment in St. Louis, Missouri. NAD therapy complements regular therapy, reducing the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  2. Individuals experiencing signs of aging or age-related cognitive decline can benefit considerably from increased NAD levels.
  3. Patients seeking to restore neurological function and those looking for ways to complement their weight loss efforts can witness significant improvement with this therapy.

Contact New Spring Wellness Center at 573-693-1977 to schedule an appointment for NAD therapy. We are a top-rated St Louis NAD treatment center with the best staff team and advanced wellness therapies. 

St Louis NAD Treatment

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