Alcohol damages the nervous system by artificially stimulating neurotransmitter receptors. This continued stimulation eventually dulls the receptors and causes the need for sustained or increased use of substances, just to function and feel closer to normal. This need=physical dependence= ADDICTION.

When one cuts down the amount of alcohol or stops completely, the receptors may heal completely with time, but often they do not. It does not naturally have the repair materials available to address the damage. This leads to symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog, physical pain, depression, lack of motivation and sleep difficulties.


We have a NeuroRecover™ intravenous formula specifically for treating those suffering the effects of sustained alcohol abuse. In the comfort of our outpatient center, NeuroRecover™ is administered by our trained medical staff as a daily intravenous solution for up to eight hours a day. This prolonged exposure to specific amino acids and NAD bathes the damaged nervous system in an abundance of repair materials. The brain is then able to rapidly employ these natural materials to speed healing to the neurotransmitters that alcohol exposure has caused, which minimizes withdrawal and results in a drastic reduction in cravings. The number of treatment days will be determined as an individualized care plan. But generally, in no more than 10 days with their newly balanced brain, patients experience restored mental clarity and mood with freedom from cravings! Even patients that have been sober for some time, experience a new freedom and quality to their sobriety.

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