Visit the Lake of the Ozarks and Do Something GOOD for Yourself!

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The Lake of the Ozarks is well known for enjoying a boat ride on the beautiful lake, having a few too many drinks, shopping, golfing, and so much more! BUT did you know that you can come and visit the Lake of the Ozarks and do something GOOD for you? New Spring Wellness Center is a brand new wellness center at the Lake of the Ozarks and if you are looking for something to rejuvenate yourself, you have got to plan a trip to visit us soon! Learn more about our breakthrough NAD+ IV Therapy for wellness as well as a testimonial from Jim, a recent patient of ours! 

What is NAD?

NAD occurs naturally in our bodies and plays a huge factor in our ability to stay healthy. NAD therapy involves a high dose IV infusion that goes directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy allows NAD to bypass the digestive system resulting in greater absorption. NAD works rapidly to repair cells throughout the body and within the neurons in the brain. When NAD levels are increased, cells produce more energy, DNA is repaired and many other functions throughout the body and brain are optimized.

Mental Clarity/Executive Boost 

Our NAD+ Therapy in Missouri has so many great benefits and can help treat many conditions as well as increase your overall health and wellness. Today, we want to focus on our brain boost! NAD Therapy can help reduce symptoms of brain fog and leave your brain feeling sharper, better clarity of mind, and less brain fog! Don’t just take our word for it, check out a recent testimonial from Jim! 


Addiction: Mental Fog | Treatment: 6 Day Mental Clarity/Executive Boost 

“Hi, I’m Jim I came here for a six-day NAD Treatment because I had a fogginess in my thinking. After six days I have a clearer vision in my thought process and when I try to think I think clearer now and things seem more organized now. My thought process is a lot smoother and consistent and I was obsessing on things when I was trying to sleep and I no longer obsess upon things, I’ve been falling asleep good and I sleep all the way through the night so my sleep has changed, my thought process has changed, it’s a lot cleaner and less foggy but that’s the benefits I have received so far.” 

What was it that brought you to try the NAD Treatment? 

“I heard through a friend about the treatment and it was pretty successful for her and it helped her in her life and when she was down here to do a treatment she did a checklist and I did a checklist as well, and the difference in her checklist and mine was I had 50 and she had five and thought well maybe I need this!”

Tell us a little about this checklist and what was the purpose? 

The Purpose of the checklist was things like do you have depression, anxiety, and just everyday issues that you may have. There were like 70 questions and I checked 50 of them and I thought, man and this is everyday life and today I feel a lot better about that checklist.” 

Is this something that you would recommend to other people? 

“Yes it is, this is something I would recommend to my best friends.” 

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At New Spring Wellness we want to help you lead a happy and healthy lifestyle! We believe that replenishing naturally occurring coenzymes, vitamins and minerals can be lead to naturally better health. NAD+ treatment is a safe and effective tool for naturally better health and there is no better place than our centrally located facility! New Spring Wellness Center is within a days drive from much of the US. If you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more, schedule a free consultation with us by calling 573-693-1977. 

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