Warson Woods NAD Treatment

Warson Woods NAD Treatment

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New Spring Wellness Center is a top-rated Warson Woods NAD treatment facility with exceptional staff and advanced therapies. With a remarkable team of professionals and hundreds of positive reviews, we are one of the few wellness clinics to offer unsurpassed NAD therapy at affordable prices.

Who is a good candidate for NAD+ IV therapy?

Anyone who suffers from severe fatigue, low energy levels, or brain fog can benefit from NAD+ therapy. NAD+ is one of the revolutionary science-based addiction treatment programs in Warson Woods, MO, that replenishes the body’s NAD+ levels.

Since it acts as a bridge addiction treatment in Warson Woods, Missouri, patients battling alcohol or drug addiction can attain a safe and pain-free recovery with NAD+ therapy. People struggling with the side effects of aging or battling age-related illnesses are also excellent candidates for NAD IV for addiction in Warson Woods, MO.

How often should I get a NAD infusion?

The frequency of NAD IV therapy depends on the underlying medical condition that you wish to treat or address with the coenzyme. For drug and alcohol abuse treatment, you may require a daily dose of 1000-1500 mg for 10-12 consecutive days.

Getting a regular dose of NAD+ vitamin IV drips can help recovering addicts overcome their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Alternatively, those suffering from severe fatigue can benefit from 1-2 doses per week until they feel better. One session of NAD+ therapy a month should suffice for general health maintenance and wellness.

What are the benefits of NAD treatment?

An appropriate level of NAD+ is critical to help the body respond to stress, extrinsic and intrinsic assaults, and trauma better. NAD+ offers an array of benefits by activating the proteins sirtuins, which optimizes cell metabolism. Here is how maintaining healthy NAD+ levels can benefit the body and improve health:

  1. Prevents age-related memory loss

NAD+ is vital for DNA repair, which enhances memory and slows down memory-related issues associated with aging. Studies on animals conclude that NR clears the DNA damage in the hippocampus area and prevents it from spreading to other areas of the brain. Mice that receive NAD+ performed better on memory tests.

  1. Helps manage weight gain

Increasing levels of NAD+ improves metabolism and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Research studies state that individuals who receive NAD+ therapy are 60% less likely to gain weight even when on a high-fat diet. NAD+ activates proteins SIRT1 and SIRT3, which improves oxidative metabolism.

  1. Enhances strength and endurance

While muscle function and strength decline with age, increasing the NAD+ levels can ensure DNA repair and improve the health of muscle tissues. Appropriate levels of NAD+ can lengthen the life span by improving mitochondrial function. NAD+ therapy activates the sirtuins SIRT1 and SIRT6, which helps maintain the length of telomeres on DNA and increases life expectancy.

Reach us at 573-693-1977 for appointments. New Spring Wellness Center is a highly sought-after wellness clinic with the best Warson Woods NAD treatment. Our team helps our clients overcome addiction, pain, and reverse signs of aging with the revolutionary NAD therapy coming with outstanding potential in the long run.

Warson Woods NAD Treatment

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