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Welcome to the first blog from New Spring Wellness Center! We are excited to share news about breakthrough NAD therapy at Lake of the Ozarks. New Spring Wellness Center is an innovative way to get your life back on track whether you are struggling with alcoholism, anxiety, chemical dependency, chronic stress, or anti-aging through intravenous NAD IV therapy.

About Us 

New Spring Wellness Center is centrally located at Lake of the Ozarks Missouri specializes in the breakthrough NAD+ treatment. Our NAD protocol is completely nutrient based. We utilize compounds a healthy body makes naturally but conditions or simply aging has depleted these essential nutrients.

Replenishing this naturally occurring nutrients restores the brain to optimal functioning. Think of it as a Brain Reboot. Optimal function translates into clarity of mind and significantly fewer symptoms of anxiety, cravings, and disorders. This intravenous therapy is safe, natural and an effective form of treatment.

Who Can Benefit From NAD IV Therapy? 

NAD is a versatile treatment that can help people with a wide variety of conditions. At its core, NAD promotes whole-body wellness and many individuals can benefit from this treatment. Individuals that can benefit from NAD include:

  • Those recovering from addiction and/or substance abuse 
  • Those who are recovering alcoholics
  •  Those who are interested in regaining some mental agility with more clarity and less fog
  • Those who experience anxiety 

Treatments Available

Anti-Aging/Mental Clarity
Chemical Dependence
Chronic Stress
Coming Soon – The Drip Den

New Beginnings Start at New Spring Wellness Center! 

If you are in need of a new beginning to your life, we want to help you succeed in your recovery. We are looking forward to educating you more on how our NAD therapy in Missouri can help you, a loved one, or someone you know that is struggling with addiction through our weekly blog! In the meantime be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on all of our social media channels! You can find the link to our various social platforms below. Check back in with us every week as we will be posting a new blog every single week! 

New Spring Wellness Center Is an Innovative Way to Get Your Life Back on Track!

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