Westwood NAD Treatment

Westwood NAD Treatment

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In the pursuit of wellness and health, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. You may be looking for an excellent way to lose weight, lower your risk of sickness, or even the best drug and alcohol abuse treatment. Luckily there is a popular treatment that assures you of these benefits and much more. Probably you have no idea what the fuss is all about, but keep reading.

NAD Therapy

NAD is a molecule found in the cells of the body. It has a vital role in taking energy from the food we consume and transporting it to the rest of the body.NAD has several functions making it the helper coenzyme.NAD has two variants which are both critical in cellular function. The older we grow, the more the NAD levels in our body decrease, causing the alteration of the mitochondria functions. The mitochondria are the battery that powers the cells, and when they do not work effectively, then our bodies feel lethargic, and aging is accelerated.

NAD therapy involves using a high dose of NAD, infused directly into the bloodstream through vitamin IV drips. Therefore the NAD bypasses the digestive tract and is absorbed without interference.NAD injections are also effective and available to bridge addiction treatment in Westwood, Missouri. So when is the best time to get NAD treatment? Read on and find out when it is necessary to get NAD therapy.

Management of addiction

When drugs and alcohol are used for long and excessively, the body's natural NAD stock is depleted. Therefore, the brain cannot get the same amount of energy derived from the body. NAD IV for addiction in Westwood, MO, restores normal body functions. The drugs in the system are easily flushed out, and you do not have to undergo the uncomfortable withdrawal effects. Science-based addiction treatment programs in Westwood, MO, attest that the therapy reduces the cravings for drugs and alcohol and increases energy levels. The combined results ensure a broken cycle of addiction and give your body increased energy levels that allow you to start healing activities.

Boosts Metabolism

When you are constantly feeling low on energy, your metabolism is the problem. With a slow metabolism, you do not get the needed energy from the food you consume. In addition, when your body is not breaking down sugar and carbohydrates properly, you are at risk for conditions such as diabetes. IV NAD drips will help boost the levels of NAD needed to improve your metabolism. As you regain the energy, you can lose weight.

Pain Reduction

Dealing with chronic pain is uncomfortable and can put a dent in your finances. Any pain that lasts for more than three months is chronic, and it is hard to treat without using painkillers. The more you take painkillers, the more your body builds a tolerance, which means they will stop working or increase the dosage leading to addiction. Chronic pain can contribute to anxiety, depression, insomnia, and poor memory, a complex cycle to break.NAD treatment encourages the body to repair itself. The boost enables the cells to repair themselves, causing healing from inside out. Chronic pain is, at times, a result of inflammation, and the therapy is ideal in minimizing inflammation.

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Westwood NAD Treatment

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