Willard NAD Treatment

Willard NAD Treatment

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When it comes to addiction treatment therapies and programs, there are many different methods. The methods used depend on the facility and the targeted clients. Some treatment options such as Pilates are complimentary, others like an infusion of vitamin IV drips are requested, while cognitive behavioral therapy is traditional. Below we talk about the types of treatment we offer in our facility.

Animal Assisted Therapy

In animal-assisted therapy, the patient is exposed to the care of animals. This type of therapy is ideal for drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs like ours. Animals help improve the recovery process by allowing people to form connections, show empathy, and increase the sense of empowerment. The therapy helps minimize depression and isolation, which in turn helps patients achieve long-term sobriety.


A plan developed collaboratively by our staff and patient to increase the potential of success after the formal treatment is over. We customize and individualize it according to the patient's needs and include self-help meetings, vocational-oriented services, outpatient therapy, private treatment, or sober living. It is assessed and adjusted periodically.

Cognitive behavior therapy

It is an addiction therapy that has been effective in bridging addiction treatment in Willard, Missouri.  We help you understand how thoughts influence behavior and emotions while changing the thought that contributes to addiction maintenance.

NAD therapy

Nicotine adenine dinucleotide is a molecule present in the mitochondria that helps power up the body cells. The mitochondria get nutrients from the healthy food we eat and break them down to fill your cells with energy. NAD IV is a science-based addiction treatment program that helps people with substance abuse problems curb addiction. Our treatment centers use NAD formula, which, when infused, bypasses the digestive systems and is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream.

We offer NAD IV for addiction in Willard, MO, as a home or office-based drug and alcohol treatment program. We allow our patients to recover from the comforts of their homes or offices without disrupting their lives. Other than the IV pack, we send along a nurse to attend to you and ensure you are comfortable as you receive treatment.

Complementary and alternative medicine

Our facility uses complementary and alternative medicine approach as a treatment type. We offer nutrition, biofeedback, exercise, yoga, acupuncture, and massage. Through these treatments, patients unlearn old things and learn new things while reducing cravings and managing stress.


Detox, in general, helps the body get rid of harmful substances. We have a structured detoxification treatment where patients undergoing withdrawal and monitored and treated with medicine that manages the symptoms. It is a treatment substitute and needs to be followed with additional treatment.

Twelve-step program

We integrate the 12 steps of Alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, and other support groups in our treatment. Our area of focus is spiritual principles such as acceptance, giving in, and active participation in meetings. The treatment included going to meetings regularly, developing a sober support system, working the 12 steps while giving incentives for sobriety. The incentives are in the form of critical tags or chips. Patients that participate in the 12 step programs while in the rehab facility continue to participate after treatment ends and are likely to achieve long-term sobriety.

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Willard NAD Treatment

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