Yolanda’s Journey with NAD+ to Beat Alcoholism

Yolanda K. is a single mom of five children, an entrepreneur, a nurse of 13 years, a certified yoga instructor, self help guru and lifetime alcoholic.

After years of ups and downs, depression, secrets, overcompensation, failed relationships, shame and guilt, Yolanda is now blissfully sober and free.

“One moment changed my life. One decision freed my soul. Nothing could ever be more valuable than living your best life and that is what I strive to do 24 hours at a time.” 

This is Yolanda's Journey with NAD+ to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Through a self-documented video series, Yolanda captured her daily routine on the road to recovery through her personal experiences with the New Spring Wellness Center and our NAD+ IV Program for Alcoholism.